Ways to neutralize external energy impacts, or how to independently remove spoilage and the evil eye

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The evil eye and corruption ... It is hardly possible in our time to finda person who has not heard of them. But do everyone understand the essence of these phenomena, the mechanism of their action? Often, people are concerned about the question: "How to remove the spoiling and the evil eye yourself," not knowing for sure, but whether they had any effect on them.

How to remove spoiling and the evil eye yourself
Two views on the spoiling and the evil eye

It should be said that there are some differencesbetween the concepts of the evil eye in the folk and magical traditions. Usually people who are not connected with magic perceive the evil eye as a process of unintentional impact on the situation.

Let's say you shared your plans with loved ones. Their consciousness can affect the structure and energy potential of the situation, and then your plans will either fail or the result will not be what you dreamed of, depending on whether they pump your native energy out of the situation or, conversely, add to it your own. In such cases, people usually think that they have been jinxed.

In magic, it is common to distinguish three types of damageenergy-information field of man: damage, evil eye and curse. The evil eye and the curse can be the result of an impact, often unconscious, not only of a magician, but of virtually any person. Everything depends on his emotional state, and, as a rule, the consequences of such an impact diminish with time and quickly disappear. Corruption is always induced by specialists, which, by the way, is very, very little.

If the mage's skill is under big question, oftena simple tactic is used: the victim is informed that damage has been caused to her, or she has been jinxed, the rest closes her imagination. Such a person usually becomes a regular customer of various psychics and grandmothers, trying to get rid of nonexistent damage, or is looking for ways how to remove spoiling and evil eye yourself. And it becomes more and more confused and finds new "symptoms".

Methods for removing spoilage and the evil eye

Removal of spoilage by salt

Modern media cana couple of minutes to teach you how to remove spells and evil eye yourself. Various "experts" from magic nowadays willingly share their secrets, but, unfortunately, there are no ways to remove the actual damage to the victims themselves, since only a very strong mage, no less powerful than the one that produced the initial impact, can do this. Consequently, the removal of spoilage by salt, rolling it out with the egg and other methods in this case can not help, but they show themselves well with less serious damage to the etheric body, which is considered to be the evil eye.

Conventional table salt can work miracles. If your activity is connected with the need to communicate with a large number of people, or during the day there were unpleasant situations of which you had to become a participant, there is a simple way to get rid of any energy influences and put your etheric body in order. Having come home in the evening, take a bath, having dissolved in it a kilogram of table salt. Lie quiet for about fifteen minutes, periodically plunging into the water with your head. A similar action has a bath with sage oil.

Removal of spoilage in the church
Many Christians practice the removal of spoiling in the church. We need to put candles for the health of family and friends, just pray and forgive from the heart all envious persons and ill-wishers.

Alas, in our society there is no suchconcepts like energy hygiene. We live unconsciously, without controlling our thoughts, actions and feelings, often rudely invading someone else's life. Then we tolerate retaliatory invasions, losing precious energy, becoming victims of people with great potential. And then we can not understand the reasons for our failures, life's troubles, we are tormented by the question: How to remove the spoiling and the evil eye yourself? And we do not even guess that the cause of all misfortunes is in ourselves.

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