Why gold rings are a symbol of fidelity?

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Answering the question "what are the golden rings for?"we traditionally turn to the interpretation of the dream books. In this case, it is easy to agree that such a symbol is associated with fidelity, devotion, covenant.

what are the golden rings

If you recall the biblical stories, you can cometo the conclusion that to see the golden ring in a dream is good. For example, in the famous parable of the prodigal son, the father commands the servants to bring and put a ring on the hand of the repentant descendant. In those days it was a symbol of power, accordingly, the golden ring dreams of something good. Apparently, changes will come to your life for the better, and you will take control of any circumstances.

And now let us turn to traditional sourcesinterpretation of the symbols of dreams. Why do I dream of gold rings? Miller's dream album announces happiness and good luck. In particular, a girl who received a ring in her dream as a gift, will leave all her love experiences in reality, as the lover will prove to her his loyalty.

Even if the ring is on the other person's hand- this means that soon you will get acquainted with interesting people, and your well-being will increase noticeably. It's not right if I dreamed of a broken, damaged ring. It is a harbinger of quarrels, family problems, and maybe the end of a love relationship.

Why gold rings in the light of interpretationSonnik Hasse? This is a good sign that informs about the beginning of a love affair celebrated by marriage. Worrying is possible only if the symbol in question is lost in a dream. It's to parting.

gold ring

In his repertoire, the composers of the dream book of Freud, butsomething in their interpretation, of course, is. Why do I dream of gold rings? Since they, in the opinion of the authors of the dream book, represent a symbol of the vagina, a dream with their putting on or taking off tells of the sexual intercourse. Having received a ring as a gift in a dream, know that someone wants to meet you, to enter into sexual relations and start a family.

see the golden ring

In principle, other sources also broadcast about thisesoteric information. We pass to Sonniku Lofa. Why do I dream of gold rings? They are a symbol of the marriage covenant or taking responsibility in some business. Probably, the contract will be concluded. Not necessarily matrimonial. This could be a business deal.

What are the golden rings that you wear?on the fingers of your hands? If you believe the interpretations of the "General Dreambook", then you are striving for success in new endeavors. Your plans will be fulfilled, the goals will be achieved. If only the ring was not broken, damaged, because in this case it announces the possibility of quarrels, misunderstandings in the family, which can lead lovers to separation.

what are the golden rings

Next comes the "Big Dream", which, in fact,duplicates what we have already learned from other sources. This is normal, because the differences in our case complicate the knowledge of the truth. The esoteric dream book tells about Karma. If you are interested in what the ring is about, then on its pages we will find the answer: "Soon, Destiny will connect you with the partner you intended." We wish you happiness and luck, prosperity in the family and all walks of life!

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