"Blooming" Anfisa. Meaning of the name

Spiritual development

The meaning of the name Anfisa, like most others,is rooted in ancient Greece. In the language of the Greeks it means a "blossoming" girl. In Russia it migrated from Byzantium (like many others). Once upon a time this name was quite popular. Now it has lost its spread and is considered old-fashioned.

the value of the name
Anfisa: the meaning of the name


She is a calm and shy girl. Anfisa is like her dad, outwardly and in character. Exotics, present in the name, can have a direct impact on the nature of the girl, making her narcissistic and haughty! At the same time, the child can stand up for himself. With age, the character of Anfisa will change, break down. At this stage, it certainly gives the impression of a capricious, mannered man. This is the whole Anfisa.

The meaning of a name in youth

The girl is growing up and getting prettymercantile. She lives without denying herself anything. She is capricious. Her intuition is her "horse", she is very developed. Anfisa sees right through. In principle, she is sociable, a bit stern, but self-confident. The tongue of Anfisa is sharp, and the mind is cold! She is such a young Anfisa!

the value of the name of the anfisa

The meaning of a name in family relationships

The future of the husband these women choose the mostcareful and attentive manner. Often they are married by calculation. It is not hard to guess that in the family this woman will try to take the place of the leader. In marriage, she constantly struggles for justice. Anfisa does not accept lies and humiliation, especially in relation to weak people. She will never forgive treason from her husband. All this can shake her marriage. Often, her family relationships are completely upset ... Oh, this Anfisa ...

The meaning of a name in terms of professional activity

In principle, this woman finds herself in anyThe professional sphere, where you do not need to make significant efforts. For example, from Anfisa there will be a wonderful librarian, secretary, cosmetician, museum worker, seller and so on.

What does the name Anfisa mean in terms of esotericism?

It is worth to throw at Anfisa just one look, like hereYou can safely say that it smells and flowers! And it's not just her appearance. Her soul is a truly blooming garden. She gives all the warmth, giving the first counterpart of her sincere heart. Astrologers believe that the meaning of this name directly resonates with the characters of people who were born under the following signs of the zodiac: Aries and Scorpio. That's why the name Anfisa ideally suits those girls who were born in March and November. The color of the name is lilac, and the talisman stone is an amethyst.

which means the name of the anfisa
The mystery of the name

The secret of this name lies in emotions and feelings,peculiar to him. A marriage is already programmed in the name for the calculation. That's why Anfisam almost never succeeds in building a happy marriage! However, in the allotted segment of her family life, she is a pretty good housewife and mistress. She is hospitable, loves gay companies at home. One of the main qualities inherent in this name is the absence of depressiveness. Often this greatly saves Anfisa in this or that life situation.

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