How can you find out your saint in order to find his help and support?

Spiritual development

We, the inhabitants of the age of nanotechnology, are used todifficult situations rely on themselves and on the technical excellence of machines, devices, the skill of doctors, engineers and many other professionals from a wide range of fields of knowledge. However, sometimes there may come a time when only a miracle can help us. And then we remember the other forces - the higher ones, and those who by their holiness, faith and humility deserved special mercy - to bring help and comfort to people.

Our patron saints

how to find out your saint
It is known that when a person is born, hehelp is given to the guardian angel. He must support his ward throughout his life, to keep from ill-considered actions and frankly bad, to support in illnesses and other sorrows. But, besides this, if a person takes Baptism, he gets a new name - in honor of one of the saints. And now he can turn to this saint, always counting on his patronage. However, the question may arise: how to know your saint, whom to pray to?

Subtleties of namesday

holy scripture
We all heard the word "name day", but not alwayscorrectly interpret its meaning, mistakenly confusing with a birthday. In fact, this is the day of our saint, this is a holiday celebrated on his day. For example, on January 19, John the Baptist is celebrated, or, in the popular way, "Ivan," and on January 13 - St. Basil, ie, Vasily. In the official church, name days are called more difficult - namesday. They do not always coincide with the real birthday of a person.

Who is your saint?

holy dmitry
To figure out how to find out yourthe saint, you need to acquire the holy and the church calendar. And also learn some features of the ceremony of baptism. If a baby is baptized, parents can choose for him, as an official one, the name that the priest is going to call him. However, this is not necessary. Parents have the right to name the baby to their liking - then he will have two names - secular, secular and ecclesiastical. The patron is appointed the one whose name day on the calendar is closer to the birthday of the new little man. Therefore, the question of how to know your saint, the answer is simple: check with the church calendar! This principle also corresponds to the case if an adult is baptized or if a person has forgotten who exactly was assigned to help him.

Days of angels

Saint Dmitry
Another name is the day of the angel.Even at the beginning of the 19th century in Russia it was celebrated instead of a birthday and was considered the main holiday in life. With the abolition of the leading role of the church in people's lives, gradually it was replaced by a secular holiday. However, the traditions of the past are still deeply revered in many families. In this regard, a problem may arise: how to know your saint, if his own name is not in the saints? For example, Arthur or Victoria is clearly not of Slavic origin. What to do? Talk with the priest - that he will advise. Or study the scripture yourself. If you can pick up in the saints a name that is close in meaning to yours, take it. But if there is no analogue - then the choice is for those who organize or conduct baptism. The same choice is also made when there are several saints with the same name. So, there is Saint Dmitry of Solunsky, there are Dmitry Donskoy, Prilutsky and others. Their name day is celebrated on different days: October 26, May 19, June 1, etc. Who exactly to take as patrons and when to celebrate the day of the angel - depends on the desire of the people themselves. The main thing is that on his name-day the person visited the church, defended the service or simply prayed with all his heart. It would be good to confess and take communion. And it would be quite right to order a priest a prayer for his saint.

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