To find prosperity and stability: a prayer for money to Spiridon of Trimi Fountain

Spiritual development

Prayers have a wonderful power of fulfillment, ifto utter them from the heart, with feeling and faith. And, of course, you need to know in which situation to direct your thoughts to which saint, who exactly needs help. For example, if you overcome debts and lack of money, it is worth remembering Spiridon Trimifuntsky.

About the holy and his miracles

a prayer for money to Spiridon of Trimi Fountain
Prayer for money to Spiridon of Trimifount andtheir happy appearance from different sources is one of those many miracles that the saint glorified during his lifetime. Such a gift was given to him by God for a righteous and unceasing service in His name. He revived the dead, expelled the demons, called rain during the drought, healed the hopelessly sick ... Being endowed with a high ecclesiastical rank, he personally plowed the land, was humble, not money-loving, helped the poor from his income and did a lot of useful things to people and God. He was nicknamed "Salamis miracle worker" by the people.

And to this day before the icons a prayer is offered aboutmoney Spiridonu Trimifuntskomu, the successful sale or purchase of real estate, the receipt of a more profitable place. But not about surplus for profit, but for creating a normal, necessary material situation. The fact that the relics of the saint are imperishable, causes even greater respect and admiration for him. Spiridon's memory day is traditionally celebrated in December, 25th. Then solemn prayers are held and with special feelings the parishioners light candles in front of his icons. And the prayer for money Spiridonu Trimifuntsky and other needs is soon fulfilled.

Prayer to St. Spyridon of Trimphund

Compliance with the ritual

How exactly should you pray that youhave you heard? In the church shop one should buy an icon (it is already consecrated). Arriving home and setting the image, mentally tune. Think about your need (request). Then, aloud, you should say a prayer for money to Spiridon of Trimiphunt. After this, in order to strengthen the action of the petition, read the akathist to him for 40 days in a row. Just pay attention to the church calendar. Akathist can not be read when the fast comes. And the prayer to St. Spiridon of Trimiphunt is raised regardless of the "lean" and ordinary days.

Prayer to St. Spiridon of Trimi Fountain
Repeat the action until it appearsthe desired result, and not as a single accident, but as systematic events. There is a huge amount of evidence of a favorable resolution of such cases, which was facilitated by the prayer to St. Spiridon of Trimi Fount. It's not for nothing that from the depths of the centuries one amazing legend came to us. She tells how a poor plowman once came to the saint and complained that he had nothing to live on, he could not even buy grain to sow, he could not. And the rich owner in their village does not give a loan. The wise old man sent the poor man home and punished earnestly to pray to God, and he himself came the next day and brought him a gold bar. I gave it with the words: "Exchange for grain, sow. The harvest will be excellent. When you collect it, take an ingot and bring it to me. " The peasant, grateful immensely, exactly fulfilled the order of the old man. And in due time he was with gold at the door of his house. Saint Spiridon led the hulk into the forest, put the ingot on the ground, and said a prayer of thanks. What was the shock of the peasant, when gold turned into a big snake, which with hissing disappeared into the grass! It turned out that the Lord, for the sake of the suffering and needy, had endowed his faithful servant with such amazing abilities and such a powerful miraculous power!

This example clearly shows: for true faith, nothing is impossible!

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