The real compatibility of Sagittarius men and women Pisces

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Compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac always worriedeven those who do not really believe in horoscopes. Before we understand what the compatibility of the Sagittarius and the Pisces man is, it is worthwhile to learn about the basic characteristics of each of these signs.

Man Sagittarius

compatibility of Sagittarius male and female fish

He is a very active and talkative person. He is very optimistic, likes to take risks and travel. For all its goodness and good nature, it is peculiar to him sometimes to dream about something unattainable. As a rule, this man does not know what he wants. He is not very inclined toward romantic impulses, and the sense of tact is not his fad. As for marriage, this man prefers flirting more than serious long-term relationships. In essence, the Sagittarius man is very practical in financial matters, but at the same time is very generous. In women, she values ​​economy and does not like to be jealous.

Women Pisces

Compatibility marks Sagittarius and fish

This is a very dreamy and soft person whojust made for love. She is characterized by femininity, charm and charm. She is very fond of comfort and luxury. A certain mystery Pisces is attached to her secrecy and deceit. In addition, a great sense of intuition helps her to instantly see deception. In relationships, the woman of this sign requires a lot, sometimes turning to sarcasm or caustic remarks. Nevertheless, for a man, the house in which his wife-fish waits for him will always be a quiet harbor.

Compatibility of Sagittarius men and women Pisces

Both these signs in life follow the sameprinciples. The only difference is that the Pisces, as a rule, are looking for the sphere in which they can be submissive and sacrificing, Sagittarius for the whole lifetime strive for self-improvement. The compatibility of signs Sagittarius and Pisces is primarily determined by the predatory behavior of the first. Woman Fish does not even have time to recover, as it turns out in the strong arms of Sagittarius. As soon as she is subdued, she will tirelessly listen to the grandiose plans of the man and support him in every possible way. Woman Fish will dutifully wait for her companion from distant wanderings and take care of coziness in the house. In addition, she will help him along the whole path of seeking spiritual truths. Compatibility of the Sagittarius and the female Pisces can be shaken in the event that the former is excessively carried away by his dreams and ceases to reckon with the opinion of the companion.

marriage of fish and arctic
And though he has wonderful oratoricalabilities and does not consider someone else's opinion authoritative, at times this sign will listen to the advice of the companion, because she will be the one who conquered him once and for all. In such cases, the marriage of Pisces and Sagittarius can be called a successful and strong alliance. However, problems can arise in another field. The fact is that women are always ready to help the fish. And over time, many start to take it for granted. In addition, in the struggle against difficulties, women of this sign prefer to wait, not to go ahead. What can not be said about the men Sagittarius. For them, the "go with the flow" tactic is simply unacceptable. Over time, the difference in their behavior will become a problem, and the good compatibility of the Sagittarius man and the Pisces woman will literally melt before our eyes. Often it is these disagreements that are the cause of the quarrels. However, as practice shows, most couples successfully overcome this stage in the relationship, and live happily ever after.

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