I know the dream: what does a scorpion dream about?

Spiritual development

what does a scorpion dream about
Always and at all times the scorpion personifiedcruelty, malice, vindictiveness, meanness, composure and insidiousness. The scorpion has a poisonous sting with which it will attack its victims, killing them. It also happens that in a fit of rabies these arthropod creatures are sending their deadly weapon against themselves! But all this in real life. We are also interested in something else: what does a scorpion dream about?

General interpretation

Because scorpion is a symbol of vengefulness andcunning, then his bite in a dream will not bring anything good. In reality you can become a victim of false rumors, gossip and slander. If you dreamed of a scorpion that you killed, that's a good sign! You will destroy the insidious plans of your enemies from real life.

Miller's dream: what does a scorpion dream about?

  1. Any scorpion in a dream is a warning,that you just need to be afraid of envious persons and detractors. All of them - from the evil one! These people are posing as your friends, comrades, but behind you they do things that it's terrible to think! And it's all to ruin you!
  2. If a scorpion bit you in a dream, then a wicked person will strike you in the face! Be ready to reflect it!
  3. Did this spider monster die in a dream?Do you think you coped with your enemies? No! Here, Miller's interpretation is at variance with most other dream books. He claims that such a dream will bring significant losses!
    dreamed of a scorpion

Dreambook Morpheus: what does a scorpion dream about?

  1. Seeing in a dream this arthropod creature - to a huge probability of getting into a deadly situation! For example, while traveling on the road ...
  2. Do you see how a scorpion stings itself? Look at yourself! You are engaged in samoyedstve ... In the end, the case may end in suicide.
  3. If in a dream you or someone else was bitten by a scorpion - an evil rock, bad karma hangs over you. It's time ... Reflect on your soul!
  4. Do you see how the scorpion releases its sting and threatens to attack you? Do you experience fear? In reality, be wary of some kind of dirty trick on the part of that person, from whom this is the least you expect!

David Lofa's dream: what does a scorpion dream about?

  1. If you see in a dream, like a spider-like creatureit stings itself and dies from it - be more careful, but not in relation to yourself, but to your nearest environment. The fact is that there is a person near you who is engaged in self-flagellation!
    in a dream the scorpion bit
    The catch is that he does itOnly in the presence of you, that you regret it, sympathize with him. This is a real hypocrite, arranging ordinary show-off! Remove the "rose-colored glasses", this person is not as helpless and poor as he pretends to be! At the first opportunity he will betray you!
  2. If you dream, how do you eat somean exotic dish of Chinese cuisine, and then you realize that it is made from black scorpions, - rejoice. Soon you will meet a person who can fill your life with rich colors, adding a lot of different impressions and emotions to it!
  3. To dream of giant black scorpions is to realize grandiose plans in real life!
  4. Did the Scorpion bite you? This is an omen of secret (cold) enmity.
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