Astromineralogy lessons: carnelian, magic properties of a stone

Spiritual development

Orange and red pebbles of cornelian on the seaThe sand is reminiscent of the reflection of sunlight at sunset. Taken in the palms, they seem to radiate heat and light, fill the heart with an unconscious sense of joy. Translucent quartz is somewhat like a bottle of glass, processed by time to smoothness and it's the same old. The color range of the mineral ranges from gently pink to rusty-brown. And the name of the gem is translated from the Latin language as "flesh", "body".

Impersonation of Courage

carnelian magical properties of stone
From ancient times it was considered: if you want to catch the blue bird of luck by the tail, find a carnelian. The magical properties of the stone will help you realize cherished desires, give a tangible surge of energy and vitality, physical and moral endurance. It is not for nothing that the generals of the past centuries and ordinary soldiers tried to acquire pieces of mineral and protected them, hoping for help and protection. Since the time of the power of Egypt, there were known beliefs that to become a real leader or an unbeatable fighter gives a person the ability to carnelian. The magical properties of the stone were better transmitted if it was worn around the neck or near the heart. In this case, the warrior became fearless, his strength was no end, and the enemies either turned out to be defeated, or fled in fear. Moreover, the mineral, as it were, motivated the victory of its owner. As for overcoming shyness, shyness, self-doubt, then, in this case, the cornelian helped out. The magic properties of the stone helped the speakers of Greece and Rome not to fear the crowd, to express themselves eloquently and eloquently, to light up the minds and hearts of listeners with their speeches. For these purposes, the stone was supposed to be clamped in a fist or in a pocket.

Love, passion, creativity

carnelian value
This is not all the qualities that are endowedcornelian. The magical properties of the stone are also related to the sphere of skill, creativity, and art. In the same ancient Egypt, famous architects wore rings with a mineral as a sign of their high rank. In the Middle Ages, priests and healers were firmly convinced that the stone would help to cope with the plague and other terrible diseases, which then mowed thousands of people. During the epidemics, the price jumped at times. Well, finally, another very interesting property that carnelian possesses. The significance of the stone as the "drops of the blood of Isis mother" (as it was called by the ancient Egyptians, Jews, other peoples) was used in magic to activate male power, increase passion, increase libido. And it was believed that it helps not only the representatives of the stronger sex, but also women. Therefore, the amulet of carnelian was worn by priests and priestesses of temples dedicated to Isis and other deities with an erotic bias. In addition, according to esotericists, carnelian is associated with the root chakra of our body, positively affects it.

Carnelian in medicine

amulet made from cornelian
In lithotherapy (stone treatment) widelydemand carnelian as an excellent tool in the fight against various kinds of nosebleeds, as well as various diseases of the blood. It helps to cleanse the body of free radicals and toxins. The ancient recipes prescribe to make cornelian tinctures and elixirs for faster healing of wounds, cuts, burns.

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