Dream: my grandmother died - why?

Spiritual development

Almost everyone remembers from childhood howthe grandmother's love is all-embracing and selfless. Her image of the subconscious mind is when you do not have enough heat, says the dream book. Grandmother died in a night vision? This story suggests that certain relationships (events) that have kept you comfortable inside you go away

dream son grandmother died
(finish). Let's see what different sources say about this.

Family Dream Book

Grandmother died in a dream, but in reality shelong live to her illness. If the old woman is already in a different world, then you are expected to change. Her soul tries, as in childhood, "to make you straw." That is, the changes will be successful, but with a certain risk. You have to get ready and take a decisive step! Everything will be wonderful, because you are supported by the older generation! If you saw the funeral of the elder relative with all the relevant attributes, then you will have a long and rich life, according to the dream book. Embracing a dead grandmother means your relatives (living) need attention. In this case, if the old woman is weak or sick, then you will not have enough energy (means) to provide the required assistance. Try to involve other relatives or friends in the process of solving the problem. Together you can do it!

dream to hug a dead grandmother
Esoteric dream book

Grandmother died (and in reality she is alive and well),this means that the clouds have thickened over the family. In a close circle there will be some unpleasant event. Probably, the dreamed relative will be ill. Burying her - to financial problems for men. To women this dream speaks about necessity to be more gentle and more softly with the native. Not always a business lady is welcome for family members. Most often they need simple care and attention. Remember that you - the creator of coziness and warmth for your loved ones, recommends a dream book. Dead grandmother and grandfather together, visiting your vision, predict that there will be changes in the family. The events are likely to be positive. Perhaps you will be invited to a wedding or christening to relatives. If older relatives are dissatisfied with your dream, then in reality you are making a big mistake, if not to say - stupidity! They want to warn you about the need for a more thoughtful attitude to the events happening!

dream book grandmother and grandfather
Ukrainian dream book

Grandmother died - to the collapse of hopes (if yousee the moment of death itself). If the old lady really died, and you see her funeral - to success in business. There are great career achievements. Talking with a grandmother, who is no longer alive, means a change for the better. The older relative gives you a blessing and wishes good luck. After such a dream you need to accept a proposal that used to cause fears for you because of insecurity in your own abilities. Do not worry, you can do it! See the dead grandmother in tears - much grief. She comes to you to warn - ahead of the danger that directly affects you! If the granny scolds you, then there is something important in your life that needs to be done immediately, and you put everything off for later. If you see it with a smile on your face, it means that you are on the right track. A relative appeared to encourage you and bless you for further achievements.

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