Stone bianshi: useful properties and general information

Spiritual development

Since ancient times positive influence has been provendifferent minerals on the human body. Using stones, people treated a variety of diseases. They did massage, wore as amulets and placed in living quarters. In our time, the knowledge of ancestors regarding the influence of various minerals on health is practiced no less than in antiquity. Many seek to improve their health through miraculous pebbles. And one of the most healing and common among them is the stone of biansh, whose properties have been studied and proven not only by many years of experience, but also by scientists.

biansh stone

What is bianshi

This is a semi-precious black jade, the raresta kind of stone. You can get it only in one place on the planet: in a provincial Chinese city called Shandong. This stone is part of a large meteorite that fell to Earth over 60 million years ago. Industrial way black stone biansha began to mine only in 2009. And since it has become too popular, its reserves are exhausted every year and will soon be completely over.

Beneficial features

In addition to an extremely attractive species, Biansha hasa lot of useful properties for human health. It was used by Tibetan monks, and it is still the main element in practical Chinese medicine. It is worth noting that acupuncture is carried out exactly with needles made of this stone, found in the Chinese northern province. Their age exceeds 7 thousand years. In the old days, he was honored more than gold, and passed on to his descendants by inheritance. Even Confucius mentioned a stone of jade (biansha) and ways of using it, which were used in the monastery of Shaolin. Nowadays it is much easier to purchase this mineral, anybody can do it.

Unique properties

Smooth and pleasant stone after contact withhuman skin causes a certain reaction of the body. Blood in the place of contact begins to circulate better, which causes a feeling of warmth and comfort. The way the biansha stone affects the body attracted the attention of many scientists. Experts from the United States of America, China, as well as Russian and Ukrainian scientists undertook the study of the mineral. And they found out that the stone can positively influence the work of the whole organism as a whole.

bracelet from stone biansha

Influence on the body

This mineral can affect almost everything. Scientists managed to prove that with his help:

  1. The circulation of lymph and blood is normalized, stagnation resolves and heavy metals and toxins are released.
  2. Stimulates and improves immunity.
  3. The problems of the respiratory tract are eliminated.
  4. Motor functions work better.
  5. Muscles relax and psychological calm is restored.
  6. It removes fatigue and reduces the effects of stress.
  7. Muscular and other pains are reduced.
  8. Reduces the likelihood of contracting a viral disease.
  9. The growth of cancer cells decreases.
  10. Eliminates excess weight, interruptions in metabolic processes, cellulite.
  11. Improves the work of all internal organs.
  12. Headaches are removed, blood pressure is normalized.
  13. The appearance improves, the amount of calcium in the body increases.

If a person wears a bracelet made of stone bianshafor several months, his health will improve significantly. In addition, the appearance will also change: the person will look younger and fit in the background of peers.

stone jade bianshi

What affects the effectiveness of the stone

First, the stone has a unique composition. After carrying out the chemical analysis it was possible to find out that in its structure there are more than 30 elements, which the human body needs. This makes the stone bianlsi unique, because it is the only mineral containing so many useful substances.

Secondly, it emits infrared radiation. It practically coincides with the size of the wavelength with the person, therefore resonance is observed when it comes into contact. That is, the cells of the body begin to work better, they have more vital energy. This directly affects the improvement of biochemical reactions in the body.

black stone bianshi

Thirdly, if the stone bianshi rub on the dermalcover, ultrasound appears. With its help, a large number of a variety of diseases are cured. It helps to rejuvenate the body and increase the efficiency of many vital processes. In addition, it helps to remove excess water from the body, toxins, salts and cholesterol.

Opinion of doctors

Despite the fact that this method refers tofolk medicine, many qualified specialists recommend that their patients use biansha. Against the background of other patients, those who wear a mineral recover much more quickly and rarely seek help. The effect of the stone strikes and seems impossible. And it does not matter what a person is sick: a bracelet made of stone biansha affects the whole body, not only improving immunity and improving health, but also having a rejuvenating effect.

For whom the stone is useful

In modern life, people constantlyvarious negative factors. A bracelet made of biansh will be useful to people whose work is associated with frequent use of computers, mobile devices and other equipment that generates electromagnetic radiation. It is also useful for people with a sedentary lifestyle. Will help with prolonged, strenuous physical work and with constant stress and nervous situations.

stone biani properties
It is worth noting that the stone bianshi is capable ofcure insomnia and normalize a person's psychological state. It is useful for people with diabetes, vegetovascular dystonia, and people of old age. It will help in losing weight and treating fractures and cracks in bones. In principle, this stone will help under any circumstances and diseases, because it complexly improves the work of the whole organism.

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