Unconventional view of Fevronia and Peter's Day

Spiritual development

In 2008, on the initiative of his wife Dmitry Medvedevin Russia there was a new holiday - Day of Family, Love and Fidelity. It is celebrated in the summer, on the day of Saints Peter and Fevronia. Their marriage in the Orthodox Church is considered exemplary.

february day and petra
The holiday is often contrasted with the traditionalWest to Valentine's Day. Day of the family, symbol of which is chamomile, many call "The Child of Peter and Fevronia." Establish the monuments of this married couple of Christians is considered a good form. However, there are people whose opinion does not coincide with the generally accepted: they do not think that it is Peter and Fevronia that are examples of loyalty and love. Let's see what the ancient tradition says about them.

Story: very short content

Peter saved his brother's wife from the Serpent, whocame to deceive her every night. Dying from the sword of Peter, the Serpent sprinkled it with his own blood, why the whole body of the victor was covered with incurable scabs. He heard that there is a girl-healer in the village of Laskovo. After some verbal games and competitions in ingenuity, Fevronia ordered to tell Peter that she would cure him, but only if she became his wife. For many, this moment already raises doubts about her unselfishness and mercy. But we will continue, after all the history of the saints, in honor of whom the Day of Fevronia and Peter is celebrated, is not over yet. Peter agreed, secretly deciding that he should not marry the daughter of a dwarf. That is, immediately conceived fraud.

Petra and Fevronia
The girl poured bread sourdough and told the futurespouse to steam in a bath, but do not touch one scab. In the morning Peter was healthy and returned to Moore. But since he did not take Fevronia as his wife, the only remaining scab fell ill again. Poor Peter had no choice, and he was forced to return to Fevronia and marry her, although, it's absolutely clear, he did it because of despair. And such a story formed the basis for the celebration of the Family Day, love and loyalty. Febronia and Peter's Day was the day of the family. There are people (and there are many of them!) Who are sure: a marriage based on the insidiousness of a girl and the helplessness of a young man can not be a model for imitation. After all, poor Peter simply had no choice: once he left his wife, he could die from a terrible and incurable disease. Perhaps, in those days when Fevronia and Peter's Day were not yet celebrated, such relations were the norm.
Saints Petra and Fevronia
But today civilized people against anydependencies in marriage. What kind of loyalty and love can be said, if in the case of separation from the wife, the husband is doomed to illness or death? However, the story goes on to say that Peter renounced the reign and went with Fevronia, who was expelled from the city. He tried to live according to Christian precepts. But why, then, after the death of the body, the spouses disappeared from the individual coffins and found themselves in the same, joint, cooked while they were still alive? After all, this categorically contradicts the laws to which the monks obey (and the spouses have taken monastic vows)? It does not appear in this story either the image of a true Christian, or a model of a faithful spouse. Not everyone takes this opinion, but it exists, and it can not be ignored. Of course, many are happy to celebrate the holiday of the family, which, unfortunately, carries a different name - Fevronia and Peter's Day. Only true lovers do without false symbols and pathos monuments: they love each other without coercion.

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