1974 year. What kind of animal was he? The history of the eastern horoscope and the characteristics of the Tigers

Spiritual development

The past year of 1974 - what kind of animal was he? After all, our life is "subordinated" to two astrological systems (if one may say so) - this is the western and eastern horoscopes. The European system is 12 months, each of which corresponds to a certain symbol - the zodiacal sign. In the eastern horoscope, each year patronizes a certain animal (creature).

If we take the years, then what year was the year of the animal? Let's figure it out.

Symbols of the Eastern horoscope

1974 which animal

1974 on the Chinese horoscope is considered the year of the Tiger. He goes third in this system after the Rat and Bull. After him follow Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

If we take ten 12-year cycles (120 years) from the past and the future, the year of the Tiger was in 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, and also in 1986, 1998, 2010 and will be in 2022.

Year 1974 - the year of which animal on the horoscope?

It is known that the arrival of the new year in China hastheir cardinal differences. It depends on the data of the lunar calendar. The calculation of the next year begins after the onset of the second full moon, which occurs after December 22 (Winter Solstice).

Year of the Tiger corresponds to the sign of Gemini according to the western horoscope. This is the year 1974. What kind of animal he was, you now know.

History of the Eastern horoscope

It is not known who and when createdeastern astrological system of calculus. There are the most popular versions of this event. The first says that 12 mythological creatures appeared at the call of the Buddha, when he was going to leave this world. According to the second version, all animals from the horoscope had to compete among themselves in swimming and running. The third story is that they were assistants to a rat who was supposed to carry out the assignment of his emperor.

1974 year on a horoscope: its value for a person

The human being is affected by the quality of the animal,in the year of which he was born - this is the opinion of the Oriental sages. Believe it or not - everyone's business, but in the characteristics there are moments that help sometimes to understand yourself. Let's take our 1974 as an example.

1974 year on a horoscope

What animal he - we learned. Tiger is no less a royal being than Leo. Therefore, those born in the year of the Tiger have outstanding personal characteristics. For the Chinese, this animal has always been the personification of mixed, ambiguous feelings. On the one hand, it aroused in them fear and horror, and on the other - deepest respect, respect and reverential veneration. It came to the point that the very word "tiger" was afraid to speak aloud, so as not to call his appearance.

Therefore, in order not to call him directly, they used the expressions "king of the mountain", "great reptile", etc. Fears also gave birth to myths: they still believe in werewolves with tiger images.

Characteristics of a typical representative of the Tiger

Of course, there are no "clean" Tigers. In each person born in this year, to some extent there are certain characteristics. But all of them are united by such features as courage, fearlessness, expressiveness, courage and strength of spirit. They come to the aid of those who are weaker, they are boiling with energy, they like to break stereotypes, to create something new. They will never tolerate power over themselves; rather, they will take it themselves. Tigers are born leaders and leaders.

what year on a horoscope 1974

Characteristics of character

They are extraordinary, bright, impulsive and always incenter of attention. From them emanates a crazy energy that conquers all and forces them to follow them. The surrounding sometimes it seems that the Tigers never cease their thought process and never rest - they work so much and constantly invent something, analyze and improve.

Tigers are innovators and destroyers of old foundations. With their ebullient activity they can "turn mountains". They are proud, sometimes a bit arrogant, but they are always honest and decent. This distinguishes them from other representatives of the horoscope. Interestingly, but for these qualities they are respected even by sworn enemies.

1974 year of an animal on a horoscope

Tigers love contests, rivalry, butonly in an honest format. They will never act surreptitiously, always stand out openly, in everything go to the end. To defend your goal, the idea, you can even sacrifice yourself.

Sometimes Tigers act rashly, in the heat of their ownambitious passions. This can sometimes lead them to an abyss, because they never listen to anyone. However, the Tigers are born lucky, so they do not face a bad end. Tigram is easy to make a career, because of their exceptionality, they can achieve success in any field. In terms of money, they are also lucky, but to keep the fortified state difficult for them. They are proud that they achieve everything in life solely because of their abilities. Still all the Tigers just love adventure.

The Tigers are always ready for open confrontation, if their ambitions and ambitions are concerned. They hate when they are pressured, they act impulsively, but they never take their positions.

In the professional plan of Tigram, it is better to choose the path of a statesman, a military leader, an enterprise manager. Art and science will do, but not so successfully.

Now you know, what year on a horoscope 1974, and also with what character people are born under the sign of the Tiger.

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