Meaning of names: Vita - character and destiny

Spiritual development

Vita - a gentle and unusual name, which in thisform is quite rare. Usually it is an abbreviation from Vitalina or Victoria. The original version can be found in the passports of only a few celebrities: the British writer Vita Sackville-West and the Argentine actress Vita Escardo. Although recently it has become increasingly popular in the vastness of our country.


It is very interesting to analyze the meaning of a name.Vita, for example, was formed from the Latin word vita - life. There is a version that this is a female version of the male counterparts: Vitali or Witt. By the way, the last name was the saint, whom both Orthodox and Catholics worship today. It is said that the Roman Witt died because of the preaching of the Christian faith even in his childhood, together with his wet nurse and educator.

the meaning of the names of vit

According to one version, the Baltic roots have a nameVita. Origins and meaning are connected with Lithuania: it is in this country that it is the most common. Representatives of this people have the name Vytautas and Vitovt, as well as the female form - Vytautė. So in Lithuania Vita can be a reduction of the latter. As for the meaning, Vytautė from Lithuanian translates as: "he who saw the people."

Characteristics of the name

When the name Vita is heard, the image appears in the headbright and cheerful person - so soft and easy it sounds. But this is a deceptive impression. A woman with that name is usually excessively serious, restrained in any situation. Has a simple magnetic charisma and charm, which often help her in difficult life situations. Taking into account the importance of names, Vita is a mirror image of its Latin counterpart. Life in her bubbles, she is too energetic and active.

 name vita meaning of name and destiny

The main character traits are self-confidence,firmness, determination. Vita knows its own worth, has an increased sense of self-worth, adores superiority. It is important for her to grab onto an influential person who will help develop talents and open new perspectives. He is well versed in people, has an excellent sense of humor and leadership qualities.

Appearance and health

Fashionable and stylish looks woman wearing a nameVita. The meaning of the name and destiny is closely connected, therefore such a girl tries to give a new life to even old and shabby things: she always creates something and changes things. Her clothes are often unconventional, but very sweet and in line with the latest trends. She always emphasizes the dignity of the figure of the girl, corresponds to the moment, is not flashy or, conversely, faded.

Vita is a pretty woman, but often severe andrigid. Sometimes it has pronounced masculine features: pointed cheekbones and angularity. Health is strong, but can undermine it with bad habits. It is prone to get involved in smoking or alcohol, which is displayed on the exterior. Vita needs to lead a healthy lifestyle, play sports. Weak places of her body - the respiratory tract, spine and spleen. It is prone to hypertension, ulcers and heart diseases.

name of vita origin and meaning

Love and relationships

Your personal life is also affected by the meaning of the name:Vita needs feelings as a kind of life-giving force. For her, love is an absolute necessity, like eating and sleeping. Therefore, finding among the millions of passers-by their second half, she grabs her hands and feet. The partner is gentle and caring, sometimes overly obsequious, which irritates the man. But Vit is not scared off. She considers her obsession and some burdensome to be the norm of relations, demanding an adequate answer - admiration and gratitude.

Vita is very touchy, easily vulnerable. At the comments of the beloved reacts sharply. If the partner is long absent, he considers himself abandoned and unloved. Therefore, the ideal husband for her will be a person who needs constant care, who will be able to appreciate her dedication, devotion and affection. Only in this case the union will be durable and harmonious.

Career and business

Vita is often too active. The meaning of the name and character is determined by her professional sphere: she often chooses masculine specialties. For example, she would like to wear a military uniform or drive a truck. Vita can also become an excellent bookkeeper, lawyer, teacher and psychologist. Often a woman chooses an active creative activity, becoming a famous art critic or sculptor.

vita meaning of the name character

It's hard for a girl to work under someone's guidance,so she has two options: either to grow to the director, or to embark on a free swimming. An excellent way out of the situation will be your own business. Vita is very persistent, she has an analytical mind, well developed skills of bookkeeper and marketer, so an open business will be successful and profitable. Vita is quite capable of becoming a millionaire, but for this she should be as cautious and prudent as possible.

To whom does it suit?

For astrological signs, the importance ofnames - Vita, for example, will suit girls born under the constellations of Cancer and Virgo. They are a little weak and indecisive - the name will give them the necessary firmness of character and strength of mind. In addition, Cancer is a rather pessimistic personality - the name will give him some kind of cheerfulness, foolishness. In this case, Vita will not prefer the loneliness of a noisy company.

the meaning of the name character and destiny

As for the Virgin, it's a pretty quiet sign. He approaches the girl with his practicality and ability to work. Under his patronage Vita will not be a dry and efficient woman, but will become more kind, sincere. She will learn to analyze each step, meet people, give them warmth and joy. That's why it's so important for parents to call the baby right. Vita, the meaning of the name, character and destiny of which are interrelated, will have a further impact on the girl's life. In any case, the choice is yours.

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