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Talisman of Cancer - stones
People-Cancers born during the passage of the Sunthe constellation of Cancer (annually from June 22 to July 22) belong to the Water - the world element that gave life to the planet. Cancer is a cardinal sign. The key characteristics for him are activity, initiative and energy. Under the control of the changeable Moon, the intuitive Cancer is emotional, shy, often changes its mood. The affiliation of the constellation to the IV House of the horoscope is reflected in full on Cancer: he is a caring family man who loves his house and has comfort in it. The ambitious Cancer knows how to achieve the goal in life and to hold the prey tenaciously, like his arthropod type. Talisman of Cancer - stones, similar to the water element. They are transparent, like clear water, of light shades, with sunlight reflecting a watery surface.

Which stone is the talisman of Rakov
What is the talisman stone of Rakov

This is sapphire, opal, crystal and moonstone.Consider the magical properties of these minerals. For Cancer, the most suitable blue sapphire is a symbol of truth and modesty, virtue and unselfishness, fidelity and chastity. Its owner sapphire encourages the accomplishment of good deeds, causing creative inspiration. He makes the mind clear, and the mind sound. Will help concentrate attention. Tames the passions. Talisman Cancer, sapphire stones, will treat the wearer if they are worn around the neck. They will heal from skin diseases, relieve rheumatic and neuralgic pain, help in the treatment of hysteria and epilepsy. Sapphire protects the house of Cancer from enemies.

Moonstone for Cancer


For Cancer this mineral,mother of pearl, is the best magical decoration. With him lovers easily overcome obstacles to the path to happiness, he will help to maintain mutual faithfulness. But if the feelings grow cold, then the stone in the lovers' rings dims. With a lunar stone, a person becomes charming, resourceful. This mineral clears the space around the host from the negative. But the lunar stone will display its magic only for people who sincerely hope for his help. The healing properties of the stone are aimed at alleviating the seizures of epilepsy, taming the anger, obstetrics. Favorable is the use of a stone to cure insomnia and fears, to improve the functioning of the pituitary gland, digestive organs and the genitourinary system.

Talisman of Cancer - Opal
A reliable talisman of Cancer - opal stones of light

Noble opal will strengthen the mortgaged in Cancerpositive qualities and develop talents. Prevent family quarrels, help keep close to your loved ones. Opal is the guarantor of success in the affairs of noble people. The healing properties of the stone are aimed at healing from chronic and sluggish diseases, especially from respiratory diseases.

Crystal - the protector of the house

Crystal mountain

In the house of Cancer the joy of life and soul harmonybrings the magic of crystal. This mineral will be protected from an evil eye - you need to keep its crystals wherever other people are. With the same purpose and to avoid embarrassing situations and annoying incidents, a piece of crystal in the left pocket of clothes is worn by women and in the right pocket by men. Talisman of Cancer - stones and crystals of crystal, chandeliers, dishes, figurines - attract wealth and prosperity to the house. Crystal transparency of the mineral helps clarify the information. Crystal cures, relieves stress, reduces temperature, helps restore the body after a serious illness.

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