The name of Theon. The meaning and character of the possessor

Spiritual development

The name plays a huge role in the destiny of man. Its life and character depend on its meaning. Let's look at the sonorous name of Theon: its meaning, origin, professional talents, with whom the possessor is better to bind his life. We advise you to read the article if you want to call this beautiful Greek name your daughter.

Theon's Name: Origin and Significance

There is an opinion that the name has Georgianorigin, but in fact he has Greek roots. It comes from the male Theon. A little later, the female name of Theon appeared. The meaning is to be found in the Greek word theonos, which means "the thought of God." There is another version, if you follow it, then the name comes from the union of words theos and fanes. They are translated as "god" and "phenomenon." There is a third option, and it is treated as a "goddess."

the name of the theon origin and meaning

Numerology of the name

The number of the name is four. Women with the name of Theon have a technical mindset. Among them there are many researchers.

Number 4 is a symbol of stability, but parentsa small holder of a name should know that it needs to be oriented towards high goals. The modesty of the girl, who bears the name of Theon, is of great importance in her life. While the four are stable, a lowly person can lead to poverty. Develop in the girl self-confidence, tell me how important it is to go to victory. Otherwise, the failing Theona can remain in the shadow of her successful friends, who at one time helped.

If parents can develop from a girlambition, then thanks to diligence, assertiveness and consistency in action, she can achieve the heights in her career. Teona has a wonderful sense of humor and imagination.

name of the value

Name value by letter

Every letter in the name matters. When you choose a name for your daughter, consider how you will call the girl affectionately. The possessor of the name, as a rule, is Tesha. Consider the meaning of each letter of the name.

T - creative vein, emotionality, subtle soul organization.

E - sociability, well-suspended language.

O - innate optimism, spiritual sphere, religiosity.

H is hard work.

A - selfishness.


We disassembled the meaning of Theon's name. The nature of the possessor is the next paragraph of the article. All Theons are reliable friends. With them, as they say, and in intelligence to go is not terrible. You can always rely on women with this name. Their main features: conscientiousness, stability, reliability. Their motto in friendship is: "An old friend is better than the new two."

Any technical specialties are suitable for those. Also among them there are fine lawyers, economists and physicians.

A beautiful wife and mistress will be a woman,bearing the name of Theon. Its meaning imposes on it religiousness, spirituality. Girls who carry this name do not squander money, prepare well, like to receive guests. Beautiful mothers, their children are brought up in the best traditions and always groomed.

the meaning of the name of the

A lasting marriage with Thea will be with Boris, Yuri, Nikita, Igor, Constantine. The relations with Vadim, Victor, Alexander will be worse.

There is no Theon name in the church calendar. The priest Feona of Salon, whose memory is revered on April 17, is the patron of the possessor of the name.

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