The meaning of the name of Evangelin. Character and destiny

Spiritual development

Evangeline - the name that came to us from the AncientGreece. It is known that it has several interpretations at once. According to one version, the name translates as "bringing good news" or "messenger", and on the other - it means "sparkling with happiness". Most often, the fate of these women is developing successfully. With the help of this article, let's try to get to know them better.

The meaning of the name of Evangelin. Childhood

the meaning of the name of Evangelin

Little Eve is always surrounded by attention asadults, and peers. She can become the soul of the company, constantly coming up with new games, it is never boring with her. Her energy and tirelessness are sometimes amazing. She likes to be always in sight.

Evangeline is a very capable girl. At school it usually learns well. Always has his own opinion, as a rule, he does not listen to someone else's, as if he simply does not exist.

Evangeline always needs to know about everything thatbut it's more a simple curiosity than curiosity. She can not live alone for a day, she needs constant communication. New acquaintances turn very easily.

The meaning of the name of Evangelin. Character

His relationship with other people Evangeline tries to build, based on respect. In her character there is no place for envy and greed.

evangelical meaning of the name
She has an analytical mind,logic and ingenuity. These qualities help Evangelin solve problems that sometimes occur in her life. It is very easy to offend her, but she quickly forgets about it. Reliability is another quality that Evangeline has.

The meaning of the name characterizes it as practicalnature, she always knows the value of money. He loves persistence and when everything is simple and understandable. She is irritated by various hints and omissions. Evangelina loves to hear praise in her address. However, even with the help of flattery, it is impossible to influence the decision it made. She can not be called a sports woman, she is completely unbearable.

The meaning of the name of Evangelin. Marriage and family

It will always attract the attention of men,her appearance of the owner of this name pays a lot of time. The future wife Evangeline chooses very carefully, he must fully comply with her ideas about the ideal man.

However, due to the volatile nature of thiswomen, the bar of requirements for the life satellite can periodically drop and rise. She needs only a decent man, for which she will be ready to go even to the end of the world.

evangelical name

Spouse Evangelina can fully trust her. She is always a loving wife and a good mother. Feeling close to a reliable support, it is able to reveal all the talents and opportunities that it possesses.

Evangeline is a good cook, however she does not likespending time in the kitchen. For her children, she will never regret money - they always have only the best toys and study in prestigious educational institutions.

The meaning of the name of Evangelin. Career

The profession she usually chooses, associated withcommunication with people. Material well-being is of great importance for her. Evangeline can become a good journalist, teacher, medical worker, TV presenter or psychologist. She will always sincerely rejoice at the success of her colleagues.

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