What does the former husband dream about: a dream book

Spiritual development

When a former husband often dreams, yours with himthe relationship is not over yet. Your meeting was not accidental. And together you were not just like that. Perhaps you did not solve some questions that were necessary for the development of your (and his) soul. Therefore, the relationship continues in such a strange way. And, perhaps, this will last until your higher self has completed its lesson. So

what does the ex-husband dream about
they say esoteric. And what about this comment tell the interpreters of dreams?

What does the former husband dream about: realizes the Modern dream book

If in your night vision it seems to you that everythingso, as before, you live as one family, as if nothing had happened, then your ex-husband needs your help. He has a difficult situation, he remembers you, because he has no one to hope for. Perhaps he regrets the separation. To you, the dream says that you have not yet closed the doors for this person in your heart. Still there is a ghostly hope of a return to the past. Even if you yourself do not admit it, considering that empty dreams are useless. Dreams ex-husband - it means that you still have not forgotten about him completely. If you had a scandal with him, it means that your claims to the current partner are crossing the boundaries. Stop it. A man is not to blame for the fact that the past prevents you from living. Look at an ever sober look, and you will understand: everything that has happened has brought you only good. Next to you is the embodiment of your dreams! If you do not have a partner, and dreams of a former, then expect a pleasant acquaintance. It will be fatal. As a new acquaintance at once

dream book dream of ex-husband
make your eyes brighter. He will make up your happiness.

What does the former husband dream about: Freud's Dream Interpretation

This well-known source believes that you are simplycompare the departed partner to the current one. This is a very destructive attitude, especially if you do not have the wisdom to keep silent about your conclusions. Your boyfriend does not want to be the object of comparison, even if he won over all positions. In addition, sleep warns: your partner (real) is a jealous person. Kissing with her ex-husband is for trouble.

What is the dream of the former husband: tells Sonnyk Hasse

You have a favorable time ahead for change. There comes a period of reassessment of values, this dream book considers. Dreams of an ex-husband - then you are in the depths of your soul strive for

often dream of an ex-husband
the birth of new ideals that will replaceoutlived itself. This is a difficult time. Perhaps, it will be hard for you, because new life guides will not come to you right away. But all the same, you are recommended to take a positive attitude toward the change of value guidelines, as this will lead to personal growth.

What does the former husband dream about: explains Sonnick Nostradamus

This source advises to treat the nightvision is more pragmatic. He advises to be wary of sorcerers and privorotov. It is believed that the ex-husband does not lose hope of a connection with you, so he comes to your dreams. At the same time, he can not stop on persuasion. In his head, the decision to resort to the services of magic can ripen. If in a dream you fought with an ex-husband, then he misses, unable to cope with his attraction to you. After such a vision, wait for him on the threshold of his house. Sleep says that the man is going to visit you.

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