Guessing on the wedding ring. The most popular options.

Spiritual development

Since ancient times, people wanted to know theirfate, dreamed of revealing the veil of secrecy and looking into their future. The favorite way for this to become fortune-telling. Divination is a huge number and in this mystery various objects and magical instruments are involved. The most popular and truthful are fortune-telling on maps, on wax, on mirrors and on rings.

The time of fortune telling is also very important. It is believed that the most truthful fortune-telling is obtained on the night of Ivan Kupala, on Christmas Eve, on Friday the 13th, as well as on the birthday.

However, it is worth noting that the church does not welcome such activities and considers divination to be a great sin.

One popular and truthful way to getanswers to their questions is guessing on the wedding ring. There are several variants of it, but before talking about them, one should mention the preparation for this action.

It is recommended to guess in the evening. The day of the week must also be chosen correctly. You can not guess on Monday - this day is deceptive, and the most favorable day is Friday. When starting to divination, you need to take off your crosses, rings and dissolve your hair.

It is advisable to light the candles, because the energy of the fire helps to tune and focus.

A wedding ring does not have to bepersonal. Unmarried girls can borrow a ring for divination from friends or sisters. It is desirable to use a smooth gold ornament, without carving and engraving.

Guessing on the wedding ring. Option 1.

For this fortune-telling, you will need an engagement ring,pieces of cloth and four deep plates. We need to guess together. The perplexing girl leaves the room, and her assistant puts a ring in one of the plates and covers all the plates with a cloth. Then the guesser enters the room, and selects one plate. If it turned out to be a ring, then we can wait for the wedding this year. If she guessed from the second time, then she will marry in the next. If a girl guesses a plate with a ring the third time, then she will get married two years later. If from three attempts the ring was not found, then in the next few years the married will not become a fortuneteller.

Guessing on the wedding ring. Option 2.

This divination should be done at midnight inholy days. Preparing for the action, the girl fills the glass half full with water. The glass should be without faces and with a flat bottom. It should not be chipped and it should be absolutely clean. Then the girl should put a glass in front of a burning candle and put a ring on his bottom. Now she must peer into the water through the ring. Those who tried to guess in this way, they say that they could see the face of their betrothed.

Guessing on the wedding ring. Option 3.

The most popular fortune-telling with the help of a ring -fortune telling on the ring with thread. This method is used by girls who want to get answers to questions that are somehow related to time or numbers. This divination will help to find out how many years a girl will marry, how many children she will have, or in how many months will this or that event happen.

You will need a glass filled by a quarterwater, thread, 20cm long black and engagement ring. The girl should mentally ask the question of her interest and gently lower the ring into the glass without touching the water. The ring should swing, like a pendulum and touch the walls of the glass, making a ringing. It is necessary to carefully consider each blow of the ring against the wall. The number of touches will be the answer to the guessing question.

Fortune-telling on the ring is one of the mostreliable, but, none of them will tell the truth if a person doubts them. Therefore, those who do not believe in the truthfulness of this action and are skeptical about such ways of knowing their future, one should not guess.

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