The meaning of the name Karina

Spiritual development

The meaning of Karin's name can tell a lot aboutcharacter and habits of its possessor. It is worth noting that this is a fairly rare name. Such women are usually, as a rule, full of events and adventures life.

the origin of the name Karina

Origin of the name Karina

The name Karina has an old Latinorigin. It has several interpretations. In translation, "Karina" means "the ship's manager" or "the woman leading the ship". In addition, there is a legend about navigators, telling about a strong and intelligent woman with this name. In 865, the famous traveler Flocco decided to go to a new land located in the north-east of Scotland. And although the woman on the ship foreshadows trouble, the sailor took with him Karina, who was considered a sea witch. It was she who advised him to take on board three ravens, which would indicate the right path. According to legend, the first bird remained on the ship, the second returned home, and only the third rushed forward and helped the seafarer to step onto the lands of present-day Iceland for the first time. It is believed that Karina itself turned into a third crows and pointed out the beloved way, going to unknown lands.

In the future the meaning of Karin's name is a littlehas changed. During the wintering in the camp of the polar explorers a little girl was born, who was called by this name. Since then, a new meaning has arisen - "born in the Kara Sea".

The Mystery of Karin

mystery of the name Karina

Despite the fact that Karina's name-days are used tocelebrate in August, this name gives to its owners certain features of the character of Aries. It is also believed that the life of such women is influenced by the planet Mars. Astrologers also distinguish happy, suitable colors - yellow, brown, steel, and also dark red. As for the talisman, for Karina gold and sard are perfect. Gold jewelry not only makes these women more beautiful, but also positively affects your health and your health.

The meaning of the name Karina

Special features of nature are manifested in the baby stillin early childhood. From the first days the child is overly stubborn and always strives to achieve his own. Karina, as a rule, is very touchy and painfully accepts criticism. Nevertheless, the owner of this name is indisputably talented - she studies well, loves music, is engaged in choreography.

the meaning of the name Karina

Karina, of course, has an excellent actingtalent - even from childhood she can pretend to achieve what she wants. It is very important for such a girl to be appreciated. She really wants to be recognized by others.

The health of the owner of this name is not too strong - the immunity is weak, and therefore, frequent colds can not be avoided.

The meaning of Karin's name can also be told aboutfuture choice of profession. The fact is that such girls are sociable, easily find a common language with strangers and really love live communication. Therefore, they are more suitable for professions, which, in one way or another, are related to the sphere of service. Karina can become a wonderful operator, speaker, teacher, salesman, waiter, etc.

As for the marriage, Karina does not knowlack of fans. Nevertheless, it seeks to marry a rich man who will provide it for life. Unfortunately, such girls, especially if they were born in the winter, long adapt themselves to responsibility and marital duties, so husbands should be more patient. All women with this name of the soul do not worship in their children and are very seriously taken to their upbringing.

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