Thanksgiving to the Lord: thank you for the good deeds

Spiritual development

For every Christian, the power of prayer is of great importance. Prayer passes through the heart of man and opens the way in him to all virtues.


We all believe in God in one way or another. Someone goes to the temple only for Easter - to pay tribute to fashion and dedicate cakes (although the question arises: why?). Someone visits him from time to time, realizing that there is a God, one must go to church, put candles, on every big holiday be in the service, to order prayer services and requiems. Of course, such people know about the power of prayer addressed to our Lord Jesus Christ, probably remember a couple of prayers by heart.

thanksgiving prayer to the Lord

And there is a category of believers who go totemple at the behest of the heart. These people know a lot about how to properly approach God, observe the canons of the church. They also know (and if they do not know, they ask) that we are all sinful, and prayer is the cause of virtue, without prayer our soul will not be pious.

Why we should thank God

One of the first duties of every Christian -thank the Lord God. Raise your gratitude by saying a prayer called "Thanksgiving Prayer to the Lord." It is necessary to read it every time, to thank Jesus Christ for everything that it does for us. Prayer, thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ, very strong in its energy. Especially when the reading person speaks the words prescribed in it, from a sincere heart.

prayer of thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ
A person comes to this world naked and poor, nothaving nothing and needing everything. For all that he appears, we must thank the Lord and his parents, the benefactors who meet on the way. The Lord God has given us life, which remains in his hands, cares for us, our needs and the power of the spirit. All the gifts that we receive (whether physical or spiritual), everything comes to us from God. Clothes and food, beautiful nature and harvest, loving parents and the world around us are all given to us from above. Therefore, the thanksgiving prayer to the Lord, pronounced at the behest of the heart, is such a small thing for everything that the heavenly Father gives us.

thanksgiving prayer to the Lord God


God the Father loves us not only in earthly life,his main love is the way to the eternal kingdom and blissful eternity for us. This is the greatest gift he has prepared for us in heaven. Thanksgiving prayer to the Lord is read by man not only for the generosity and gifts that the Lord God gives us. A special thanksgiving prayer to God must be exalted for the fact that he is angry or punishes us. After all, the punishments that are sent to us are always trials for us. The apostle Paul says to us: "In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

Many of us forget to thank God for Hismercy or for the deeds given to us. And many people do not know that it is necessary to send gratitude to the Lord and for all the sorrowful moments that occur with us for eternal salvation. Where can we learn how to properly thank God? Go to church, to your spiritual father, order a thankful prayer service or remain at the Divine Liturgy. During it, a prayer of thanksgiving is given to the Lord our God. Go, declare the joy of your heart to the servants of the church and pour out the gratitude of the soul before the Lord God.

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