The healing and magical properties of the stone rauchtopaz

Spiritual development

Rauchtopaz is one of the varietiescrystalline quartz. The mineral is transparent, brown, gray or dark gray in color. Despite this name, nothing to do with topaz has a gem, it's just an old name, entrenched behind it in everyday life. The stone is related to pink quartz, amethyst, rock crystal, citrine. Mineral is widely distributed in jewelry art. Smoke-gold crystals are considered to be particularly expensive.

properties of stone rauchtopaz

The properties of the stone rauchtopaz were known fromtime immemorial. Healers with his help cured the most serious types of mental illness. The mineral coped with depression, suicidal tendencies, obsessions. Rauchtopaz helps to cure dependence, so it should be worn by smokers, alcoholics and drug addicts. In order to get rid of the pain and cure the ailment, you need to compress the mineral in your hand during the exacerbation, mentally praying for help.

The properties of the stone rauchtopaz are often directed towardspurification of consciousness, disposal of complexes. The mineral is able to find a thought in the depths of consciousness and bring it to the surface when illumination comes. That is why it is also called the "Buddha Stone". Different peoples do not share the smoky quartz, some consider it a talisman and assistant, others believe that this is the embodiment of evil. But no one will argue that this is one of the most powerful dark stones.

rauchtopaz stone

Since ancient times, faithful assistant sorcerers andDark magicians were rauchtopaz. The stone attracts and retains the most terrible evil forces, which is why it was used in the most terrible rituals of black magic. With the help of a mineral they evoked the spirit of a deceased person, sent spoilage, subordinated people to their will. The stone can even go against its owner by sending to it the ills and misfortunes that were programmed during the dark magic session. Smoky quartz is able to distort the reality, make a person lonely and no one needs.

Properties of the stone rauchtopaz for its own purposesused and alchemists, they tried to decipher the signals sent to the universe, to comprehend the secrets of the Earth and the Cosmos. In various treatises, the good qualities of the mineral were described, but still more attention was paid to its dark abilities. You can also use rauchtopaz for your own good. A stone, whose price is not so high, does not have a synthetic analogue, so there is no danger of buying a counterfeit.

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A mineral can make a person cheerful,courageous, resistant to problems, tireless in work. The properties of the stone rauchtopaz favorably affect Libra and Scorpio. You can not wear jewelery with this gem of Cancers. All other signs of the zodiac can use smoky quartz, but only for therapeutic or preventive purposes. Rauchtopazu is able to remove from the body slag and negative energy, to suppress irritation and outbursts of anger. To do this, you need to take the pebbles in your hands and squeeze them hard, imagining how all the negative goes out of the body and absorbed into the mineral. You can stop this session only when the crystals warm up.

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