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Do not you dream of worms, dear readers?You understand that anything can be imagined in a dream. At least, my neighbor recently dreamed of worms, and he ran to me for an answer. Calls me a domestic shaman and on any issues related to metaphysical reality, addresses me. Then I suggested that he go fishing, but later he opened dream books. I have several of them.

For example, what does a worm dream aboutinterpretations of the Russian dream book? Good is a dream! You either get an inheritance or you get an acquaintance with a wealthy person. And you yourself know that with whom you are led ...

But the new family dream book gives other answers.This dream, according to the compilers, warns you that around you some people intend to spin evil intrigues. And these people are shameless. Although, if it is a dream of a young woman, then this is really a sign, indicating its desire for spiritual and material values. Whether these aspirations succeed in success, the dream book is silent.

What are the worms that you use onfishing as a bait? You can safely hope for your innate ingenuity, because thanks to it you can outplay your opponents and come out victorious in some kind of litigation.

In some cases, this dream indicates your concern for health and recommends taking a close look.

Why do silk worms dream?Friends will not disappoint you. It is worth to turn to them, and they will hurry to help you. So it is written in an ancient French dream book. And the dream book of Shuvalova considers the dreamed worms a sign of the unrest that you have accumulated. It is possible that this is the result of some conflicts in the family and at work.

What does the rain worms dream of, according to the authorsChinese dream book? Well, here's the full order. In matters you are promised happiness, especially in those connected with life in the countryside. Maybe it's time to go to the country cottage or visit relatives in the village?

Why does a worm dream about a young woman?If they crawl along it, then in life it is mainly the achievement of material well-being that interests them. But if she discards them in a dream, then on the contrary - the material side of life he is disappointed and all her aspirations for spirituality. She will put spiritual values ​​first. It was an oriental female dream book, and we'll look into Miller's dream book.

What is the dream of worms this time?Miller's dream book also warns about the intrigues around you. And you will be frustrated by such actions of people unscrupulous and unscrupulous in their affairs. Basically, this dream book duplicates the answers we have already received.

But I personally open this source for the first time.If you ask - what dreams of worms in the dream of Meneghetti, it turns out that a man (mostly a man) who looks meek and complaisant, in fact, turns out to be a wormhole. It turns out that he just masks his negativism well. Be careful, just in case! The same wormhole can be and a woman, if a dream dreams a man.

Azar's dream book states that not only worms, but alsoworms dream for joy. To see in a dream the worm-eaten tree - to bear losses. Killing worms in a dream, you avoid troubles in reality. It is very useful, according to the interpretation of the Assyrian dream book, to eat worms in a dream. Whoever eats them in a dream will achieve success in all things. Togo expect great honors, triumph.

In the children's dream book I found nothing good.To diseases, worms and to various failures are dreamed. But in a sleeper in 1829 it is said that if you see or eat worms in a dream, then profits and profits are provided to you. I agree with this interpretation of the sign and the Slavic dream book. It's to profit! So clearly and unequivocally it is written.

And let me finish this and wish you this very profit in everything that you consider good for yourself!

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