How to remove a love spell from a man and get rid of a rival

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how to remove a love spell from a man
How to remove a love spell from a man? Is it worth it to interfere?

At all times people have turned to magic to"Tie" to a loved one. At the moment nothing has changed: the girls still fascinate the indifferent to them guys, insidious razluchnits are still trying to take the man out of the family. Now there is a huge number of ways of a love spell, enjoyed by all who are not lazy. However, the consequences of such actions are sad enough. And yet, before you ask yourself how to remove a love spell from a man, you need to understand: does it really exist?

Signs indicating the existence of a spell

  1. A charmed person dramatically changes his behavior and attitude towards others, becomes rude and irritable, if he does not communicate with the person who made the spell.
  2. Often after the "procedure" in a charmed health deteriorates.
  3. A person becomes distracted, because he constantly thinks about the person who has bewitched him.
  4. Complete indifference and indifference to the wife and children, quarrels in the family, lack of sexual attraction to the wife.
  5. The appearance of objects that were not previously in the house. Through them, the magician induces a spell. It can be hair, needles, various dolls and even ornaments.

how to remove love spell
If you notice your signs in your faithful, then you can be sure of the "procedure" done and think about how to remove a love spell from a man.

The removal of the spell

Before you remove the love spellindependently, you need to think carefully, because the connection with magic did not end with good never. But if you are still firmly convinced that the spell takes place, therefore, it must be destroyed, then prepare the necessary materials for the implementation of the conceived.

Here are a few ways to solve the problem:

  1. In order to return her husband, light a candleblack or purple. On paper write his name and the name of his new beloved. Scissors cut the paper so that their names are separated and burn these pieces of paper on different candles. Then go out into the street, holding the ashes from the papers on different hands. As soon as the wind blows, blow ash from your hands in opposite directions.
  2. Write the names of the husband and mistress from two different sides of the rotten (!) Egg. Let the egg symbolize their relationship to you. Go out into the street and with all your strength break the egg on the stony ground.
  3. Go to the church during the waning moon
    how to remove love spell yourself
    and attend the wedding of two people, it does not matter,whether they know you or not. Bring a photo of the person who made the spell, and two candles. Candles burn in turn and at the wedding, be through. After the ceremony, gently crumple the photo and together with the candles, throw it into the cinder basket. In this church you should not walk more. After the ceremony, at the exit from the church, you will notice how the weather has changed.

There are many ways to remove the spell - andyourself, and with the help of a magician. You decide. Try just to go to church and pray for your family and family well-being, because the church and God are always on the side of the family, most importantly, do not despair. Now you know how to remove a love spell from a man. Be happy!

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