Which stone is the sign of the zodiac Gemini must always wear?

Spiritual development

As you know, every sign of the zodiac has its owntalismans, thanks to which it becomes possible to strengthen faith in one's own strength, achieve the goals and avoid various troubles. This may be a precious or semi-precious stone. Sign of the zodiac Gemini - the most vivid and extraordinary representatives of the air element - also has its own talisman stones, which will be discussed in the article.


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Active and versatile Gemini astrologersadvised to use as protection such a stone as agate. This talisman will prevent the occurrence of various diseases. Also protects from the evil eye this stone the sign of the zodiac Gemini and extends its owner life. In addition, he is able to give people the gift of eloquence, which is especially important for representatives of this sign, because most of them dream to prove themselves in the role of talented narrators or speakers. That's why it's so important to carry this stone with you all the time. Sign of the zodiac Gemini most often prefers to buy cute, discreet jewelry with agate: rings, earrings, pendants.

Pink quartz

Gemini who dream of mutual love andhappy family life, must constantly wear jewelry made of rose quartz. Especially it is important if the sign of the zodiac Gemini is a woman. This stone - a transparent mineral - helps unmarried girls to meet their loved one and marry him. For married women, a talisman with pink quartz helps to preserve peace and harmony in the family. In addition, it will help to improve the ability to understand other people and strengthen the immune system of this stone. The sign of the zodiac Gemini also carries pink quartz in order to get rid of the stresses that constantly trap people in life.


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Another mascot that is recommendeduse the Gemini - this is beryl. To the varieties of beryl include such precious stones as emerald, heliodor and aquamarine. They are wonderful amulets during their travels, they allow to develop oratory skills, and also give to the person who wears them, strength of mind, physical activity and sobriety of the mind. In addition, beryl can save fatigue, stress, negative emotions and fill Gemini with positive energy.


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Delimiting precious and semiprecious stonesby signs of the zodiac, Gemini should keep in mind chrysoprase. It will help representatives of this zodiac constellation to succeed in all endeavors. This talisman is perfect for Gemini, as this stone brings luck to those who differ in non-standard thinking and constantly strive to renew their lives. Chrysoprase can protect against evil eye, spoilage and various dangers, as well as from slanderers and envious persons. Jewelry with this precious stone should be worn as an amulet, in this case they will protect their owner from negative energies.


Charoite is well suited for Gemini, since theyoften take a great interest in poetry or philosophy. He develops creative imagination, awakens intuition and helps attract like-minded people. This stone is also recommended to be worn if there are health problems that are related to the work of the kidneys or liver.

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