Amazing places are the holy springs of the Moscow region

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Moscow is an ancient city, and it is only natural thatIt is surrounded by various holy places, about which there are legends, where people go to worship and gain strength. We will make a small trip to these places, visit the holy springs of the Moscow region.

In total, near the city there are a hundred saintssources, but only a few are popular. Year by year, pilgrimage to places of power is becoming increasingly popular. So, you can even make a list of the most famous sources.

holy places in the suburbs

Muranovo village

Holy springs of the Moscow region are visited by manytourists from all over the country. For example, the Barsky well in the village of Muranovo is considered a source in the name of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. People who come here and ask God for each of their own, sincerely believe that now everything will change for the better. On the Yaroslavl highway from Moscow you can get to the source by car. At the 44th kilometer there is an index "Tyutchev Museum-Estate", you need to turn and the goal will be achieved.

holy springs near Moscow

Holy places in the suburbs - Zvenigorod

Most often places of power, attracting pilgrims,are located not far from fairly large cities. So, in ten minutes of walking from Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery of Zvenigorod there is a following sight - The holy spring of the Monk Savva Storozhevsky. Those who visit the holy springs of the Moscow region meet here a log cabin with a font, where you can retire and ask a saint.

Get here by public transport from Moscowit is possible on an electric train from Belorussky railway station. Stop Zvenigorod, transfer by buses Nos. 23, 51 to the stop "Monastery". There is a bus to Zvenigorod from Kuntsevo metro station, then buses on the same routes. You can get on your own transport along Novorizhskoe highway, after passing Zvenigorod, then go by the sign "Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery".

Sergiev Posad

Perhaps the most popular in the rating is the "saintssources near Moscow "is considered Gremyachy key in the Sergiev Posad district, near the village of Vzglyadnevo. This source is dedicated to Sergius the hegumen of Radonezh. Here everything is arranged for the reception of visitors. There is a font, where everyone can

holy places near Moscow
completely plunge, standing under the stream of pouredholy water. The only negative - there is no good entrance, when you leave the road. However, this does not frighten the crowds of pilgrims visiting the source. Getting by car is very easy. From the Moscow Ring Road we go along the Yaroslavl highway, at the 65th kilometer turn off at the sign "Nizhny Novgorod" to the right, then after 10 km turn right to the village of Malinniki. Before Bogovo we turn to the primer to the right, we pass Vzglyadnevo to the source.

These are the most visited holy places of the Moscow region,but there are many more of them, and each place has its own story, its saint and, of course, has its own power. We do not undertake to state whether these places really received blessings from above, or whether strong people's faith gives them strength. However, miracles of healing, fulfillment of requests and peace of mind, they really grant to their pilgrims. It remains only to be glad that miracles do happen and not only in children's tales.

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