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We often ask ourselves the question of why a manthis is the way it behaves with women or why it has such a character. Man's manner of behavior determines the birth under a certain sign of the Zodiac. Knowing this moment, you can understand how he expresses his feelings, how you can influence him. This article is about a Scorpio man.

Scorpio in love with sex, love and friendship

This man is very passionate about everything: in love, in friendship and in their attitude to life. At first glance, it may seem very calm and balanced, but it is not so. Scorpio is very good at managing people - he can rotate you as he likes. He does not care what someone thinks about him. He literally draws his penetrating gaze to himself.

Scorpio always takes the initiative. In sex, he always has a leading role. He is vicious, but he never forgets the kindness shown in relation to him. For him, friendship is extremely important. As a result, he has many friends. He's a great lover. His skill and strength is never particularly proud, because he knows his worth very well. Sex and love occupy the most important place in the life of the Scorpio male. He perfectly feels partner. He will never tolerate betrayal and lies.

Behavior of a Scorpion man in love
Behavior of a Scorpion man in love

Scorpio is often called a sexual magician, sohow he is able to attract absolutely any woman. Love for the representative of this sign of the Zodiac - passion, the strongest emotions, which he directs to the object of his adoration.

Scorpio in love makes the partner a center notonly his life, but also the universe. He is very attached to his chosen one, but he never shows it. He chooses the sexiest, in his opinion, object.

Scorpio in love is extremely jealous, sohe should never be given cause for jealousy. A jealous Scorpio can even reach the point of assault. He can easily provoke a situation in which he will be forced to be jealous. At the very beginning of the meeting, Scorpio in love is gentle, affable and very gentle. He literally envelops himself. Scorpio does not like tenderness in public. He often thinks about the future, and if he ever marries, his choice will be well-considered.

Scorpio in Love
Scorpio married

For Scorpio, nothing is more important than family.If he is in love, it can be seen from his glance. "Light" relations, he generally does not accept. The partner must belong to him entirely. In marriage, he enters only for love. And he will never change his beloved.

How to fall in love with a Scorpio man?

It will be very difficult to do this, since the Scorpionsfall in love with themselves. They appreciate in women sensuality, loyalty and sexuality. Chosen Scorpio must be something new, untried and mysterious. It would be nice for her to ask about his previous hobbies, but the whole point is that he is extremely silent on this score. Scorpio is strictly forbidden to be jealous. This prerogative is wholly his. He likes to talk on any intimate topic.

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