Dream Interpretation: What Mushroom Dreams About

Spiritual development

Each author of the dream book is what the fungus dreams about,interprets differently. As a rule, this dream promises health, good luck. Quite often it is a symbol of the male sexual organ, eroticism and sex. But some dream books say that mushrooms in a dream portend troubles, troubles and sorrows.

What does the mushroom dream about?

Winters of Winter

This dream is a symbol of accidental andpossibly of doubtful acquisition. The fact that many fungi growing on a clearing dream about an unplanned profit, if they are good, strong and edible. Dispose it carefully. If the dreamer dreams of poisonous mushrooms - in reality they will make him a tempting offer, which can be disastrous for him.

Dream interpretation Grishina

What the fungus dreams about in the singular andany manipulation with it, is very often associated with the male sexual organ. When a person in a dream sees growing mushrooms - it means that he has a tender soul, and he does not know well in the spiritual sphere. If they sprouted from things dreaming - in his life there will be no change.

When the sleeper wanders through the forest, where instead of treeshuge mushrooms are a dream, which symbolizes its vices and evil in the soul. Treading or breaking mushrooms on the ground - overcoming your own inertia. Collect them - to serious work, small work and great success. If a person touches them, then in reality he gives too much importance to erotica and everything that is associated with it. Brew - to some surprise. Mushrooms boiled or fried to eat - to experience great joy from other people's vices and weaknesses, and also to benefit from it. For men, this dream can mean fatigue, and for women - pregnancy.

What does the mushroom frostbite look like?

East dream book

What the fungus dreams about is unfavorablesign. This dream portends the appearance of evil desires, as a result of which a person can squander his fortune on dubious entertainment and pleasures. There are mushrooms - to vicious love or sexual intercourse. For girls, this dream speaks of one's own moral fall.

Wanderer's Dreambook

When a person eats mushrooms - he expects health and longevity. If they grow on a stump or tree - to wisdom and mysterious influences on the dreamer.

What does the mushroom frostbite look like?

This dream portends changes in personallife. Dreaming podberezoviki mean that very soon a person will appear in the life of a sleeper, the connection with which will fill life with meaning and bring happiness. For a woman, this dream can also be foreshadowed by the fact that she will be given signs of attention, unequivocally hinting at sex.

French dream book

Mushrooms in a dream portend luck and longevity. Morpheus portends good health to the person who collects them. White mushrooms promise a long life to those who eat them. If they have red hats - the sleeper is waiting for luck and help in resolving the protracted problems, and if black - people expect sadness.

Sonnik Tsvetkova

What the fungus dreams about, says that the dreamer will be helped. Help will come in the form of good advice. If the sleeper sees poisonous mushrooms, then a happy event awaits him.

Sonnik Solomon

why do you dream a lot of mushrooms

Mushrooms in dreams mean a prosperous passion.

Dream Book of Meneghetti

Mushrooms suggest that the dreamer will experience short-term positive erotic emotions.

The Dream of Azar

Mushrooms forebode great troubles, which will soon happen to the sleeper.

Slavonic Dream Book

Mushrooms dream of a reward for work.

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