Dream Interpretation: a tornado dreams ... Why?

Spiritual development

Tornado - a terrible natural phenomenon, the Russianmore familiar as a hurricane (which is not exactly the same thing). The element pulls out the ancient trees with roots, destroys houses, drowns ships and flies through the air like cars. It is no accident that all people are afraid of him.

Dream Book Tornado
They are afraid even when a tornado does not happen in real life, but simply dreams.

Usually (psychologists and physiologists say) this isa natural phenomenon symbolizes a search for a way out of a difficult situation, a fear of circumstances that are not controlled, or a fear of being in the center of events. A little different interpretation of dream dreams. The tornado predicts the collapse of all hopes. But if you watch him from the side and see how he crushes everything around, the dreamer is waiting for a positive solution to problems, a speedy move and a change of lifestyle. The tornado (Miller's dream book says this) may foreshadow that soon the life of the dreamer will be forcibly altered by someone. In addition, sleep can predict material losses or an abundance of complex work.

Astrosonnik: Tornado

This publication claims that any natural phenomenon associated with the wind will not leave the dreamer unpunished. Most likely the dream predicts future changes in life.

Tornado Dream Book
However, there is another explanation. It turns out that he can denote that the relatives ardently and fervently love the dreamer, but for some reason they are afraid to show their love.

Freud's Dream Book: Tornado

Grand grandfather Freud in the interpretation of sleep is notretreated from his traditions and explained everything from the point of view of psychology. He is sure: the tornado transparently hints that the life of the dreamer will soon become similar to this natural phenomenon. He is waiting for meetings with people who radically change the worldview and way of life of the dreamer. But if a hurricane did harm not to the dreamer, but to an outsider, then it's to the disappointment of new acquaintances. Surprisingly, to this dream Freud does not mix any sexual motives. What can not be said about the so-called dream book-horoscope. The tornado testifies that the woman whom he dreams is seen in vicious connections. Soon, her fall will become known to everyone. In addition, a tornado in a dream is an accurate omen of universal contempt for the dreamer.

Family dream: a tornado is a disaster

tornado in a dream

This is what the family dream book affirms.Such a dream warns that the dreamer's way of life leaves much to be desired. However, sometimes sleep is of global importance. We quote the dream book: "A tornado can reflect not the life of one person, but symbolize the change of whole epochs, witnessed by a dreamer." What kind of epoch in question, the publication does not specify.

Dream Longueau

Not quite logical, but quite interestingthe interpretation of sleep in which there is a tornado, gives Longo - master of white magic, who created his dream book. Tornado dreams of those people who remain mute to requests for help coming from loved ones. Tornado means that the dreamer will soon regret that he did not render this help. A tornado can signify a very violent and unjust life. But if the dreamer sees himself within this natural phenomenon, he will soon experience an exciting and dizzying love passion.

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