Magic cacholong: properties of a stone

Spiritual development

Cajolong, stone properties, its history and regionapplications are of great interest to specialists. In translation from Kalmyk this name means "river, stone". Otherwise, the mineral is called "the hardened milk of a sacred cow", pearl or Kalmyk agate.


The color of the stone is greenish-blue, green,greenish-brown. Cajolong is a kind of mineral opal. It has a pearl luster. Stone deposits are in Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Iceland, Central Asia.

Healing properties

The stone in winter andautumn period. Acquire it advise on the 18th lunar day, and wear the first time only on the 22nd. On the middle finger of any hand are cacolong. The properties of the stone are rare in other minerals. Cajolong is considered an indispensable assistant for pregnant women. If you carry it in your pocket in the abdominal area in the last months of pregnancy, the birth will be much easier and faster. Milk-colored stone favorably affects the human nervous system.

cajolong stone magic properties
It cleanses the body, promotes excretiontoxins and wastes. These qualities along with an unusual appearance are distinguished from many other mineral cajolongas. The properties of a stone of other shades make it possible to alleviate a person's condition in gastrointestinal diseases. In Asia, there is a belief that if you look at the mineral for a long time, then the eye pressure decreases. Such wonderful properties for a man have an amazing cajolong stone.

Magical properties

Our ancestors also considered this stone to be magical.In ancient Egypt he was associated with Apis, a sacred bull. He was a symbol of prosperity, health, fertility and abundance. Some connection with Venus and the Moon is cacholong.

The properties of the stone indicate that he can notbe insidious. His influence extends only to the person who wears it. It is especially suitable for women who have children, and men, who are related to the health and destiny of others (teachers, doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, politicians). For such people, stone serves as an excellent talisman throughout life. He helps to tune in to a just, merciful and decent attitude towards people, find the right solutions and win the sympathy of others.


Cajolong - stone (photo can showonly his external beauty) the feeling mood of his master. He experiences sorrow and joy together with man. In connection with this unusual ability, the stone is not recommended to wear people gloomy or quick-tempered - for example, Aries and Scorpions. Their negative qualities under the influence of the stone will only intensify. Other signs of the zodiac can wear this marvelous stone without fear. Especially good it suits Taurus and Libra. Cajolong strengthens their financial situation, attracts money to the house, brings success and luck in business, improves health. Women born under the sign of Pisces, the mineral gives unusual abilities for healing.

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