Compatibility: female Cancer - Sagittarius male, female Sagittarius - male Cancer

Spiritual development

Compatibility "Cancer Woman - Male Sagittarius" is notis safe, because there will never be harmony between these signs. Lack of sexual desire can cause separation. And to break the relationship will want to Sagittarius, because it is much easier to do it than Raku.

Compatibility woman Cancer male Sagittarius
Horoscope: Cancer Woman - Male Sagittarius

A woman Cancer often changes her mood, but,despite this, her actions are considered and weighed. She is vengeful and resentful. Money is her favorite topic. In love, she can be strict and dry or gentle and meek. She is very attached to home, parents, children.

The Sagittarius man is dreamy, energetic andinquisitive. He is an optimist in life. At the same time, he is practical and businesslike. Has many friends. The Sagittarius man does not understand the creative Cancer that limits his freedom. To preserve the relationship, Sagittarius will have to sacrifice his freedom and spend his free time with his chosen one. A Cancer woman should give Sagittarius a sense of emotional intimacy.

Horoscope woman Cancer male Sagittarius
Compatibility "woman-cancer - Sagittarius man" in life

The relationship of this pair resembles a competition: who wins who. Strong Sagittarius will feel in these relations the main thing, but if he starts to put pressure on Cancer, he will immediately get a rebuff. The Cancer woman likes to spend evenings at home, and Sagittarius likes to have fun with friends. Even if none of them presses on the other, conflicts can not be avoided.

Compatibility "Cancer Woman - Sagittarius Man": an area of ​​feelings

A Cancer woman is very sensitive to words and vulnerable.She is the owner. Having received the object of her love, she will not want to let him go. The Sagittarius will suffer greatly from this, because his soul craves freedom, movement and diversity. Separate them will be a blank wall of misunderstanding. The Sagittarius man is straightforward and incapable of thinking that by his words and behavior he can inflict deep wounds on a loved one. He is, and is not ready to change for the sake of a partner.

Compatibility "woman-Cancer - Sagittarius man" in the monetary sphere

The quarrels between Cancer and Sagittarius often occur precisely on material grounds, because the Cancer woman can spend resources rationally, and the Sagittarius man spends them anywhere.

Woman Sagittarius Man Cancer Compatibility
Woman-Sagittarius - man-cancer: compatibility

The Sagittarius woman will all the time pull onAdventure. She will always disappear somewhere, not caring about home comfort. But with a man-Cancer, she will begin to feel necessary to him, because he is so caring, responsible and romantic. He can become for her the foundation, on which she can open to the world. The disadvantage of Cancer in this union will be his poise and calmness, as monotony and inability to support the thousands of initiatives of Sagittarius women soon bore her.

In the professional sphere, they are difficult for each otherunderstand. Cancer deepens into its work and worries about the result, and Sagittarius consults with everyone, discussing possible options for action. Common business they rarely have.

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