1998 year of someone on a horoscope? Which animal corresponds to this year

Spiritual development

In the eastern horoscope there are 12 signsanimals that correspond to each year. If to ask, 1998 - year of whom on a horoscope, it is Tiger. According to ancient Chinese mythology, the image of the Tiger was a kind of amulet from evil spellcasting forces. Therefore, often gravestones were decorated with stone statues of a tiger. His image could also be present on the door jambs of houses. Superstition aroused fear in people. Because of this, they tried to avoid meeting him, even in the form of a statue.

1998 Whom

1998 - Year of the Tiger

Everyone is interested to know the answer to the question, 1998 - yearwhom. An animal more powerful and powerful is hard to imagine, and it is stronger than the king of animals - a lion. And now imagine the person to whom he is patronizing.

In the question of whether 1998 is the year of someone on a horoscope,there are no secrets, and the answer is perfectly clear. Of course, this is the Tiger - a very brave person, endowed with a hard and stubborn character, which can not lead a calm and measured life. It always boils stormy passions. The tiger does not like to take risks and will not stop at anything. And here he himself will have to be very careful. Still, the Tiger is not a direct aggressor, but a beast more used to ambush. In it, he will sit for a long time and quietly, until the necessary occasion to hunt. And the main thing is not to miss, because, for example, a healthy bull in two counts can plant a tiger on its horns. It is precisely this arrogance, impulsiveness and risk appetite that become the main enemies of the Tiger.

1998 of the animal

1998 - the year of whom the horoscope

However, he does not aspire to calmness either. After all, do not forget that it is a predator. Asking about the question, 1998 - the year of anyone on a horoscope, it becomes clear, this is the year of the Tiger, and it comes every time after the end of the 12-year cycle. People of this sign are very sensitive, intelligent and reasonable, but often are irritable and even cruel. Because of these factors, at some point he can make a rash decision, which can frustrate his plans.

Main Character Traits of the Tiger

Be that as it may, Tigers are bornLeaders who can achieve success in any field. Stopping in more detail on the issue, 1998 - the year of anyone on a horoscope, say that the Tiger, who patronizes this year, just loves to be in the spotlight, likes to make an impression on others. At the same time he tries to use all his pleasant manners, remarkable charisma and attractiveness.

Tiger is a good innovator, he is witty, there are many different ideas in his head, and therefore he is always full of strength and optimism to implement them. However, it can also cool down just as quickly.

Tiger for the team can be dangerous becausecan rise against the authorities. He is proud and arrogant and often shows disrespect to elders, but it is surprising that, for all that, he is readily accepted in society.

Tigers are aesthetes and lovers of cleanliness and beauty. They are rather self-centered in small things, but they can also be completely selfless in global affairs, so they get excellent ideological leaders and revolutionaries, for this they are ready to sacrifice even their own lives.

1998 year by whom on a horoscope

But anyway, the Tigers, with all the willrisking, lucky in life, and this is probably due to their great optimism and subtle intuition. Plus, they are always confident that Good will defeat Evil.

Under the sign of the Tiger, such famouspersonalities like: Ivan the Terrible, Dmitry Donskoy, Elizabeth II, Alexander II, Yuri Andropov, Karl Marx, Ludwig van Beethoven, Georg Hegel, Marilyn Monroe, Leonardo DiCaprio and others.

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