If a person dreams - it can mean a lot

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In our time, much attention is paid to the science of dreaming, since dreams are a rather complex process, and while science is only trying to explain the reasons for their appearance.

When a person is sleeping, he can look at dreams. A dream is a small film based on images that arise in the consciousness of a sleeping person. Sometimes he carries in himself some fragments from life that he remembered well. But often a dream is incomprehensible to a person, so he refers to many dream books, which explain what can mean the appearance in a dream of certain objects or personalities. If a person dreams, it can mean a lot. There are many different conjectures and hypotheses about the appearance of a person in a dream. Therefore, consider some of them.

In numerous dream books the assumptions aboutthe appearance of man in dreams is very contradictory. In some, the prophets believe that if you dream about a person, it means absolutely nothing. And if he appears in your dream many times in a row, it is worth pondering over why he is so chained to your subconscious. Some dream books believe that the appearance of the same person during several dreams testifies that you either held a grudge against him and can not forgive, or you still have feelings for him, and you can not part with them.

There is one very popular version, based onwhich lay the fact that the man dreamed of the hero of the film. Here everything is absolutely clear and you should not think too much. During the viewing of the film, each person at a subconscious level develops an experience for this character, and if this character has something that does not work or does not work out, then you remember those cases when you also did not succeed in something. And if you can not put it in your mind, then your subconscious mind can do it.

Also no less interesting is the case whendreamed of a man who is already dead. It is to this case that many experts and fortunetellers are riveted, since the final answer to the question why the deceased people come in a dream is not yet given. But now there are several theories about this phenomenon. In some dream books they write that this is a sign that you will soon have sad news about relatives and that you must be very careful. If a person dreams, lying in a coffin, then you will be followed by failure. In addition, if in a dream you put coins on the eyes of the deceased, then you will suffer from the actions of enemies who will take advantage of your kindness. If a deceased person appears in a young woman's dream, then this will be a harbinger of trouble because of her credulity. There is also a theory that if a deceased person dreams, something keeps him on the ground and it is necessary that you visit him on the grave and put a candle behind the repose of his soul.

Now let's just talk about those people whocan appear in dreams and that their appearance means. If a person dreams, who has only one eye, then it means that someone is very envious of you and gossip about your well-being. If a happy person appears in a dream, then this is a sign that you will have good news, and you will be lucky in life. If a person dreams, who does not have teeth, then it means that you should take care of your work, since you can lose it. If your enemy appears in a dream, then a short-term illness awaits you. If you defeat the enemy in a dream, then in reality you are not threatened, because you have enough opportunity to resist all the troubles.

Of course, to foresee your future in dreams -it's interesting, but do not trust them too much. Sometimes dreams are just a cutting of moments that you accidentally remember, but did not give it due attention.

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