Zalina. Value of name: rose or gold

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What is the name Zalina? How can it be translated? Many Caucasians are sure that the beautiful female name Zalina has ancient Ossetian roots. And this is no wonder.

zalina meaning of the name
After all, in the translation from the Ossetian word "gold"sounds exactly like Zalina. Some scientists dispute the meaning of the name. They are sure that this is a shortened version of the classical Latin name of Rosalind, ie. "A rose flower" or a "rosebud". The name is also claimed by the Arabs and Tatars

Zalina. Meaning of name and character

Both gold and roses are beautiful just like girls withnamed Zalina. Girls since the childhood differ calmness and wisdom, judiciousness and friendly character. Zalina's name is a kind of guarantee for the girl's success in society. She has a powerful intellect. Zalina knows a lot, but if she is not sure of anything, she calls for help a huge stock of dictionaries, encyclopedias, reference books. She will not rest until she finds the right answer.

Zalina name
Because the craving for knowledge of the "golden" girldevelops almost from birth, at school she is often bored: in knowledge she is ahead of classmates. Parents should take care that the information flow does not decrease: zaskuchav, Zalina can become passive and tedious, capricious and fussy. The meaning of Zalina's name seems to suggest that his carrier is inclined to several areas of knowledge. She studies languages ​​with pleasure, makes progress in mathematics. Since the girl is also hardworking, she can become just a find for any work collective. It will easily combine the activities of the organizer with the difficulty of the engineer, in passing will have time to do creative work and sports. Growing up, the girl becomes even more wise and judicious. Attentive, sincere, sympathetic, moderately strict. This is an adult Zalina. The meaning of her name, she justifies constantly: a woman carefully watches herself, so even at 60 she is beautiful, like a rose flower. Experienced, knowledgeable, able to get along with people - it is valued in weight of gold and among friends, and among colleagues at work.

Zalina. Name and environment value

which means the name Zalina

Pedantry of nature does not allow Zalina earlyget married. Even falling in love, she first seeks to thoroughly know the chosen one, to weigh all the aspects of the upcoming family life, and only then decide whether she needs such a husband. She loves herself too much to allow herself to suffer all her life from one rash act. Zalina is independent. She always provides herself, she hardly agrees to become a "non-working" wife or a housewife. She would never agree to be 100% dependent on her husband. It is these character traits that allow her to be both a wonderful mother, a wonderful hostess, and a good worker. Zalina is an excellent pupil and careerist in the best sense.

Zalina. Meaning of name and Zodiac

Astrologers believe that such a name is best givengirls born in November-December and March-April. The constellations of Aries and Sagittarius will protect girls as much as possible from troubles while providing and stimulating the development of their intellect and wisdom.

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