Biography of Vanga - a great prophetess

Spiritual development

Biography of Vanga - the great and world famoushealer and prophetess - began quite differently than it does for everyone else. The girl was born on January 31, 1911 in a small town called Strumica. She was not even given a name at once, because no one believed that she would survive. The baby was simply wrapped in a fur coat and placed near a warm stove. And only after a month and a half or two the girl cried, as it should be to a baby. She was christened and given the name of Vangalia. In Greek it means "bringing the good news".

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Biography of Vanga: childhood

This period of life was very difficult for the girl.Mother did not become, when Vanga was 3 years old, and a year later the father was taken into the army and sent to the front. The girl was hosted by a neighbor. Wang liked to play with other kids. Even then, she portrayed herself as a doctor, collecting herbs and "healing" friends. Three years later my father returned, he began to cultivate the land, gradually increasing his allotment. The family began to live well, everything was in abundance. However, this did not last long. Local authorities soon took all the wealth and land because Vanga's father was a partisan in his youth. The girl's dad had to work as a laborer, and she herself worked with her stepmother on the household. So everything would go on, if it were not for the hurricane ... When Vanga was 12 years old, she was coming home from the field where the ass grazed, when a terrible whirlwind struck. The girl caught this terrible wind and threw it away for several hundred meters. She was searched for a long time, and when found, it turned out that she could not open her eyes, they seemed to be covered with sand. As relatives tried, nothing helped to restore sight. The only possible way out was an operation, but where could a beggar family take so much money? That such a difficult childhood was the girl, as, indeed, the whole life of Vanga.

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Biography of Vangalia: House for the Blind

In 1925, the father brought the girl to Zemun, whereThere was a house for blind children. There they put her in order, cut her, cleanly dressed, fed. The boarding school students studied music, the alphabet, and many other subjects. Wang was very interesting there, she learned to play piano perfectly, cook, knit, do cleaning. Here, she met a man whom she genuinely loved. The guy offered her a marriage, the girl agreed, but here Vanga's dreams did not come true. When she asked for a blessing to marry her father, he sent a letter with a demand to return home immediately and keep busy, as the stepmother died during the next birth, and now there is no woman in the house.

Vanga's Biography: Great Abilities

Vanga returned home and became a real hostess.She not only had time to do everything around the house, but she also knitted and sewed for other people who knew about the poverty of the family and thanked the girl for clothes and food. In 1940, Vanga fell into a trance for the first time, and in 1941 she spoke in a strange male voice. From that moment she realized that she possesses some strange, but very strong abilities. The girl was afraid of someone to admit it, because they could call her crazy. However, one day I could not restrain myself and told my friends that the war was about to begin. Naturally, they did not believe her. And when the predicted events began, rumors of Wang's abilities spread far enough. People went to her for help, for advice. She predicted not only the whole course of the Second World War, but also significant events in Nicaragua, Prague, Syria.

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Biography of Vanga: predictions

It's hard to believe, but Vanga is reallybeforehand spoke about many events. For example, in 1963, she said that there would be an attempt on the 35th president of the United States. In 1969, Vanga predicted three significant political events in Czechoslovakia, in 1969 she told about the imminent death of Indira Gandhi. It is simply impossible to enumerate everything. She daily received hundreds of people, among whom were high-ranking people. Here is a multi-faceted and rich was the biography of Vanga, a photo of which you can see here. The great prophetess died on August 10, 1996, predicting even this event.

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