Prayer for the Living: An expression of love for people

Spiritual development

In each church there are certain zones whereput candles for the living, and zones where they put candles for the dead. If this is your first time in a new church, you can refer to this question to regular parishioners, but not during the service. Do not distract the prayers. When praying for those who are still in our sinful world, special petitions are read, other than requests for the deceased. Prayer to help the living is an effective help to the supported, especially with the correct attitude of the petitioner.

Such different prayers

prayer for the living

To turn to God for help still living insublunary world, usually read brief prayers in the morning rule or special prayers more at the end of the morning laid. These latter are generally unnecessary. But if you need to pray especially for your loved ones, do not be afraid of the length of prayer - read, reflecting.

There are one among the petitions, sometimes mistakenlycalled "the prayer of the living in the help of the Most High." This prayer is one of the most effective ways to combat demons, along with the prayer of the Holy Cross. The real name of this appeal to God is "Alive in the help of the Vyshnyago." It is also called the 90th Psalm. It is quite long, but you can learn it if necessary. The psalm says that the Lord is the protector of the worshiper, whom he hopes. God can save man from networks and evil words. Prayer says that the believer is protected by God, guarding against evil and demonic influences, and also protecting the body of a Christian who has entrusted himself to the Lord.

prayer alive in the help of the highest

A short prayer to help the living calls everyone, notrelated to relatives and superiors, benefactors. This sometimes confuses believers. In fact, everyone for whom we pray indirectly serves us as a benefactor, for God sees and rewards our love and prayerful effort. But do not just be limited to friends - Christ bequeathed to us to ask and for enemies including. The practice of many believers shows that this contributes to the reconciliation of the warring. It is especially good to kiss the cross together with prayer for those who are with you in enmity, imagining that this worship of God should be credited to them. A Christian should try to live in peace with everyone and create peace between other people. The prayer for help read for another will not be left without an answer and a reward. And peacekeepers are surely "to be called the sons of God" in the Kingdom of the Lord, created on the site of the destroyed Earth.

prayer for help

The second, a longer prayer to help the livingSometimes it is placed in the section "Pomponik" of the prayer book. In it, the Christian prays for his Church, and about the country, its army and people. He asks about all those who are in a difficult situation - orphans, prisoners, prisoners, suffering for the truth and faith. He prays for the monks. He asks even for heretics and apostates in the hope of God's forgiveness for them. Prayer looks long, but takes 2-3 minutes.

Mother's prayer strength

Prayer for the living, pronounced by the mother,especially strong. She is able to help a person in a very difficult, even fatal position. Although for mothers there are special prayers. However, at the last position, you can read any prayer you know by heart. Just "Lord, have mercy!" At a dangerous moment saved many. The one to whom you are addressing, will certainly hear and help.

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