Prayer from evil eye and spoilage protects from evil.

Spiritual development

Surely, regardless of whether you are a believerperson or not, you know that there is a prayer for evil eye and spoilage. One can believe in this, one can not believe, but it is quite possible to exert influence on a person.

There are two ways to avoid spoilage or the evil eye: conscious corruption or evil eye, which is performed with the use of rituals and is performed by a person who is familiar with magical rituals and laws of black magic. But that's not all. There are very few such people. There is also the second variant of rendering influence on the person - the unconscious corruption, proceeding from the evil envious person. And such cases are much more than cases of purposeful magical impact. But, nevertheless, it does not become easier from this. Even if someone unknowingly harmed you, you have to fight it.

Many sites devoted to this subject, andthe priests themselves believe that prayer from evil eye and spoilage can heal and work miracles. By the way, pay attention that the evil eye means not only harm to health, as we used to believe, but also financial failures and problems in personal life, as well as inability to establish relationships with close people, conflicts at work and, as often happens, loss of a loved one.

A prayer from the evil eye of the baby is especially appreciated, soas the little man has not yet formed his own biofield, like an adult who can protect him from the evil thoughts of people living in the world he just saw.

Know that prayer from the evil eye of a child does not have to be strict, canonical. It must first of all be sincere, coming from the heart, and the worshipers themselves must believe in its power.

From the classical versions, it is especially often recommended such a prayer from evil eye and spoilage:
Merciful our Lord, You give ourchildren whom You have given us by hearing our prayers. We ask You, Lord, save them in the ways that You yourself know. Keep them from vices, from evil, from pride, and let not touch their souls anything that is contrary to You. But grant them faith, love and hope of salvation, and let them be your chosen vessels for the Holy Spirit, and let their life be holy and unblemished before the Father. Bless them, Lord, let them strive every moment of their lives to fulfill Your holy will, so that You, the Lord, can always remain with them in their Holy Spirit.

But this prayer from evil eye and spoilage is one of thefew existing. If you profess Christianity, then read the Psalms of David, because, as is known, King David went through many trials and on his way met, perhaps, more enemies and envious people than friends. But he firmly believed that the Lord would not allow enemies to celebrate the victory and turned to God for help. In fact, his psalms are appeals to God asking for protection from evil eye and spoilage.

Today the situation has changed little, and this is necessaryrecognize. As before, society is torn apart by social, financial and political crises and contradictions. People are suspicious of each other, some do not even try to hide their envy or dislike for their neighbor, which means that the evil eye and corruption still exist.
Official science does not comment on thisbecause, alas, it can not prove or disprove the existence of evil eye and spoilage. But intuitively people, especially parents, are looking for islands of tranquility in our troubled world and are trying to protect their children from evil.

Read the Bible, strengthen not only yourphysical, but also spiritual health, then you can resist the whole abundance of black energy that you have to face every day. Faith is a great power, and prayer from evil eye and spoilage will strengthen us in this troubled world.

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