What will help a woman pray? How to return her husband to the family?

Spiritual development

Faced with the betrayal of a beloved and dear husband, women panic. Each of them manifests itself in its own way: from depression to aggression. But it is necessary to struggle with it all. But how?

To begin with, come to your senses. The first help in the return of the traitor is self-confidence. Here, auto-training or prayer will come to the rescue. Return her husband to the family, being in a state of "broken trough", will not work. A man on this is not hooked. No matter how hard, but you need to take your grief to a fist and throw away. Let it stay there. Help the Lord, let him take away all impotence and suffering

prayer how to return a husband to his family

How to return the husband to the family: going to the force

Unfortunately, the woman's first reaction totreachery: "It's my fault, he found it better!" What is behind this? Correctly! Swift flight of self-esteem in a minus infinity. But this is only your reaction! You were still a few days (weeks, months) ago, they considered themselves quite self-sufficient and attractive. What happened? After a moment's reflection, you will understand - nothing! Now, when it's done with self-flagellation, remember that there is a prayer.

How to return a husband to the family, to children, if not withGod's help? He is just and infinitely wise. To Him you need to address in your grief (if you still consider the situation as such). For the first few days, read only the Lord's prayer. She will give you strength. If it becomes bad, a tear rolls down, then repeat it to yourself non-stop. You need self-confidence, and for this to get rid of accusations in your address, uncertainty and other nonsense, settled

the prayer to return the husband to the family
in the shower, just be sure. When they realized that they are ready - act further, not postponing. The time has come when a powerful prayer is pronounced.

How to return the husband to the family: we ask the Lord's help

Before a little advice: turning to the Almighty, in your heart fully give a decision to His judgment. That is, do not ask the husband to return. Let everything be as it is best for your family. Try to sincerely realize and believe: He knows best. Even if now the fire of offended pride, humiliated self-esteem, or tormenting elementary fear burns in you, trust in the Lord. He loves all his children!

Go to the Temple. There you need to pray at the Icon of the Virgin, telling about what happened. Pour out the soul. The intercessor will purify you from suffering. Then read before the icon of Christ seven times "About

how to return the husband home with prayer
The Divine Shroud. "Then, in your own words, convey the essence of the request. For example: "Lord! I turn to You with great sorrow! How to return her husband home? I ask your prayer, help me! Me and the children of your beloved return. We lived happily for 10 years! Open your eyes! Awake in the soul of compassion! Imposing debt is a must! I pray Thee! Children do not stay without a father, help! Put the family together so that the children live happily! Lord! "And in the end do not forget to add:" For all your will! "

Recommendations and caveats

No matter how passionate your prayer may be, husbandThe next morning will not return. Though miracles happen! Do not lower your hand. Keep the Faith in the shower and cherish it! Hope that the Lord will show His love and kindness to you. Let prayer accompany you every minute. How to return a husband to a family without faith! And in any case, do not resort to means that are not God-pleasing! So you push away the help of the Most High, sin. And it, as is known, is punished. And simply turning to magic or other similar means can damage not only your destiny, but also affect the children.

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