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Why gold is dreaming - this issue is of interestmany. The answer may depend on several factors, for example, much depends on who dreamed about the dream of gold. As you know, there are several types of dream books written by representatives of absolutely different countries, each interpreter is popular among his admirers. As a rule, the values ​​of each of the dream books are slightly different from each other. Also the value of sleep depends on the form in which gold was seen and in what quantity.

This article will consider all possible interpretations to give an answer to the question of what gold is dreaming about.

So, who dreamed of gold.If a girl has seen a dream about one ingot of gold, then in the wake of her, most likely, will upset the quarrel of the parents. If there were a lot of ingots in a dream, then perhaps a quarrel would arise between herself and her parents. Many dream meanings about gold are given by the dream book. Gold crosses or other decorations can testify to envy of the girl, and if you wear them in a dream on yourself, then your behavior can give cause for various gossips and gossip. Find the gold - to take on the review is not very attractive act from the past, not to find - to avoid such a shame.

If a young man sees gold in a dream, then,for some time he should suspend all his undertakings. Strangely enough, but precious metal in a dream does not promise any material and some other benefits, rather the opposite. If you do not rest from business, you can work out problems or losses. Dissatisfaction, gossip, loss and all this kind of promise promises of young people in a dream of gold, so says the dream book.

What does gold dream about?only young guys and girls, but also married women and respectable men. And the situation here is clearly the opposite and different from those situations when a dream is dreaming of a young and unmarried people. If the metal was seen by a woman, then she can expect to receive a large sum of money, some kind of winnings, in general, unplanned replenishment of the budget. Also, such a dream may foreshadow the establishment of relations in the family, warmer feelings of the husband and so on. If a man saw gold in a dream, you can also expect only positive: success at work, salary increase, career growth, attention of the opposite sex and all that sort of thing.

According to other sources, the importance of dreaming about gold canto be interpreted somewhat differently. By more general concepts - to keep gold in your hands - to succeed in all matters. Find gold - take the path of material security through a career or marriage. To lose some gold ornaments means to miss something important, some opportunity, not to take advantage of the opportunity, the opportunity to incur material losses. If you stumble in a dream on a golden vein, then in life there will be a chance to embark on a difficult path of wealth, fame and power.

As already mentioned, give an unambiguous answer to theThe question why gold dreams is impossible. It all depends on which of the dream books a person prefers when interpreting their dreams. And the difference in each of them is quite substantial. For example, if the Russian dream book says that to see gold in a dream is wealth and success, then, according to the Ukrainian interpretation, gold can mean nothing but danger and something unkind. In the opinion of Ukrainian commentators, the answer to the question of what gold is dreaming is only negative: separation, warnings, deception, failure to realize hopes, and so on.

The esoteric dream book also gives a different interpretation.If you see a precious metal, then there is a risk of impoverishment or ruin. To give a gold in a dream is to receive a gift. To receive something golden is the loss of material wealth. Wearing gold jewelry in a dream - perhaps, a signal to more cautious behavior, because of the threat of theft.

As can be seen from all of the above, how muchdream books - so many opinions. Each person interprets his dreams according to the opinion that seems more fair, truthful or verified to him. Therefore, there is no unambiguous answer and a definite interpretation.

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