Guessing with a needle and thread

Spiritual development

The emergence of divination is directly related tothe desire of people to learn some facts from their future, past or present. People in all ages tried to find out their future. This is directly related to the emergence of any circumstances of life, to solve which (as many think) can help divination.

Fortune-telling with a needle and thread is one of thethe most common types of predictions. There is no exact date for the appearance of this kind of magical rite, which is more prevalent among Roma. In past times, for this unusual people, the use of different predictions and magic was considered a matter of daily life, a means of subsistence, rather than something supernatural. Do not forget the fact that the Gypsies are careful enough to carry out this ritual, because they believe that it is the thread that is the link between the real world and otherworldly forces. To conduct the process of divination, Roma prefer to use new needles, in which in the process of ritual the red silk thread is embroidered. Although at the present time with this rite the girls do not focus their attention on the color of the thread used.

Guessing with a needle can be done by differentways, for example, guessing on a needle with a circle. In the process of divination, cardboard can be used in a circular shape (in this case, the diameter may coincide with the diameter of an ordinary plate). On this circle it is necessary to write letters, which can be arranged in order, and in a chaotic sequence. Then a needle is hung on a thread and the question is asked. But do not forget that at the very beginning of the fortune telling you need to speak a series of certain phrases. For example, "The Spirit is so-and-so, answer us with questions of interest to us and help us find solutions to various issues !!!", etc. It is also believed that before the beginning of fortune telling, the girls must take off all the jewelry and dissolve the hair.

Guessing with a needle and thread can be carried out andwith a circle without letters, divided into two equal honor. These parts can symbolize the answers "yes - no", "likes - does not like". In the process of such divination, it is necessary to clearly formulate the questions of interest, the possible answers to which are depicted on the circle. But in order to be convinced of the veracity of this method, it is first desirable to ask questions, the answers to which are already known. If the answers of the guessing girl coincide with the answers to which the needle and thread indicate, fortune telling is really true and one can continue the process and ask questions of interest.

Guessing with a needle and thread at a given timecauses a lot of conflicting opinions. Some consider this ritual to be an entertaining game, others take it very seriously. Many of the girls who used this kind of magic, predictions were true (for example, the wedding day, the name of the future husband, the sex of the unborn child). Some girls received in the process of the rite of the answers were only partially realized, and in some cases none of the answers coincided with the real one.

In conclusion, it should be noted that inNowadays the theory that needle movement during the process of divination does not depend on the spirits that are caused by the ritual (as many think), but on the thoughts of the girl herself, which spends guessing with a needle and thread, is gaining popularity. Here we have in mind the fact that during the process of divination, a process of full concentration of thoughts and consciousness takes place, as a result of which the movement of the thread and, accordingly, the needle on certain letters is observed. It is in this case that the girl gets the desired result, which subsequently becomes a reality.

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