Male Virgo-Rooster: about personal characteristics, specific character and compatibility

Spiritual development

The Virgo-Rooster man is not an easy man. It can seem even too practical and rational. And unnecessarily exacting to the rest of the people. Such qualities of this man endow not only the zodiac, but also the oriental patron. In general, the topic is very interesting, because each of its aspects can be considered in more detail.

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The influence of the zodiac

The Virgo-Rooster man is an interesting person. He was endowed with many qualities by the sign of the zodiac. This man is distinguished by unusual restraint and even coldness. He himself is very intelligent, educated and well-read person. And she sets high demands on her future wife. He will not associate his life with the first counter. First, he will calculate all the pros and cons. And in search of an ideal, by the way, he can spend a lot of time. Fleeting novels are not for them. For this reason, many Virgo guys get married at a late age. But their marriages are strong. After all they marry not on ardent mistresses and model beauties, but on those girls who become loyal and faithful companions in life and excellent friends.

It is also worth noting that the male Virgo-Rooster -it is a person who considers having a good job as the meaning of life. He likes to make a lot of money - so he feels successful. But with a solid salary, he can lead a very modest way of life.

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What will the Chinese horoscope tell?

A lot of male Virgo-Rooster in terms of hischaracter took over from the eastern patron. This man used to dominate both at home and at work. He is rather quick-tempered, but leaves quickly. These guys are honest and straightforward, for which many like them.

And they are also great friends. And the husbands are good, true. Despite the fact that they like the society of women, after the wedding they prefer to be faithful to one lady. After all, they connect life with the best of all. The Petukhov does not exist otherwise. But, unfortunately, these guys are not romantics. If even before marriage they can do some deeds in the name of love, then after - just not. They are practical people. And when the Rooster finally gets a family, everything will be put into her and into the house.

And they, like the Virgin, love to earn. So this quality in this case has a double power.

About relationships

How does it appear in society and in love?such a person as the Cock-Virgo? A man, whose compatibility will be presented later, is very friendly and sociable. But somewhat proud, even arrogant. However, these qualities can be reconciled.

In any relationship, be it friendship or love,for them the greatest value is attachment and sincerity. If suddenly they are deceived by close people, they no longer continue to communicate with them. They do not forgive mistakes. And this is their minus. Rooster-Virgos would do well to try to be more lenient towards other people and build relationships differently. And lower the requirements for others. After all, they are also not ideal.

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Perfect partner

And now a few words about the love horoscope. The Virgo-Rooster will be able to build a good relationship with a woman born in the year of the Bull under the sign of Taurus. These people are very similar to each other. Bull-Taurus, like the Virgin-Rooster, it is important to make plans and implement them, and even earn money and invest them in the house, in the family. Such a girl will be happy to deal with everyday issues and their permission. She can be practical, and she skillfully creates psychological comfort in the house. But this is exactly what the man-Rooster, born under the sign of the Virgin, sees as an ideal family life.

Another such person will suit a girl-Cancer,born in the year of the Serpent. Such persons are patient and emotionally enduring individuals who also appreciate the material stability and comfort in the home. So with them, the Rooster-Deva will also be easy.

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