Dream - frog in the grass sitting dreaming to a good friend

Spiritual development

So Millerov tells dream book - a frog, whichjust sitting in the grass, heralds you in real life a true friend who can always come to the rescue with intelligent advice. To such a friend you can safely entrust the most secret secrets. In addition, this man is very calm and balanced.

But if the swampy terrain is dreaming, and in itfrog, dream book, Miller says it's not good. This dream, most likely, heralds serious trouble or even misfortune. At the same time the dreamer will succeed, having overcome everything, to resist. This is because good and faithful friends will provide you with timely assistance.

What is the dream of a frog caught by you oranyone in a dream? You should pay more attention to your own health, since such a dream just warns the dreamer of negligence towards his body. Also, do not postpone visiting a doctor or passing a medical commission.

To the women Millerov says dream book - frogThe big dream is that you will soon be married to a widower. And he is far from being a poor man, but you will have to share with him responsibility for the care of his children.

Maybe after a dream that you eat these creatures,is not it? In a dream, everything happens. By the way, such events in the dream promise some benefit to you in reality, though, a small one. There will be joy, which will be fleeting and related to communicating with people you know. Another, says this dream book, the frog, which dreams you croaking, warns that soon you will meet with friends. The occasion is good, but in the end there will be little joy.

And we have another dream in the queue.The frog, in the opinion of its authors, dreams about something related to sexual relations. For example, to take in a dream this creature in the hands to the fact that you are in for a sexual encounter that you do not really like, but like your partner. For example, we can talk about oral sex. The author of this dream book of Freud advises to talk with such a partner heart-to-heart and try to reach a compromise.

Here it is written that the croaking frogportends to you sex with elements of exotics. It is possible that this is a relationship with a person whose nationality is different from yours, but the sexual relationship with him will intrigue you. Remember only about the measures of protection. This is also advised by this dream book. The frog on which you dreamed in your dream can symbolize for you health problems.

And again, the fault of sexual relations, or rather manifested carelessness in them personally by you. Ignoring this kind of warning, you will soon regret it.

Here is another dream book - a frog, which in yoursleep jumping, crossing the road, wants to inform you that someone is spying on you, and Hasse's dream book does not like this symbol too much. Here it is said that such a dream is to deceit in love.

Although it is necessary to take into account the circumstances and details of sleep,says the same dream book. Frog croaking, most likely, dreamed of good news, and living in your house - to the joy and even happiness. Kratok The esoteric dream book. The frog here dreams of precipitation, for example, rain. A good dream is the English dream book. The frog, according to its compilers, dreams about good and marks something good.

Especially such a dream is good for loverscouples, but all other categories of dreamers promise communication with good and kind friends, all the help, protection of the influential people of this world. Businessmen, business people, the authors of the English Dream Book also promise all kinds of benefits in the event that they dream of frogs, almost under any circumstances.

In the dreams of dreamers, an unprecedented success is expected, and inIn particular, those businessmen who are engaged in the agricultural business, livestock will be healthy and prolific, and the crops are magnificent. Will you profit in all matters! This is for everyone who has seen frogs in his dreams or anything else, I, the author of this publication, and I wish!

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