What does the police dream about? Interpretation of sleep

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Are all your dreams simple and easy?memorable or some of them are more like stories from TV movies? What do these night visions mean - are they just the reaction of our subconscious to the events of everyday life or do these dreams make any sense? For example, what does the police dream about? In this article we will give the most detailed interpretations that can be found in dream books.

Family Dream Book

This is the answer to the question of what the police are dreaming about, there is in the family dream book: you can be subjected to pressure from the authorities or a person occupying a higher position.

what the police are dreaming about

The police intend to detain and arrest you,and you are accused of actions that you did not commit. Not everything is so bad, because such a dream is a sign that you will successfully bypass your opponent. But if you are arrested reasonably - this means that you are waiting for difficult times. Your business is not going as well as you would like, your situation is unstable - this is the meaning of a dream in which you see that you are released from custody conditionally.

Universal dream book

To see a policeman in a dream is mostly considereda very good sign. Nevertheless, first of all, it is worth paying attention to the emotions that you experience at the sight of people in uniform. A dream in which you have violated the law and therefore you are pursued by the police or you simply feel fear and confusion at the sight of the guards of order, rather, is a negative sign. Pay attention to the details of your sleep. Do you dream of a policeman - do you feel safe or uncomfortable, a law enforcement representative simplifies your life or creates problems for you?

what does the police dream about

Law enforcement authorities are considered a symbolauthorities, this must be taken into account, thinking about what the police are dreaming about. In a dream, you are a policeman yourself, which means that you want others to treat you more respectfully. You demonstrate your authority and want to say that you also have some power. Or do you want to go over the restrictions and prohibitions and do everything that you want? Your friend dreamed of you in the form of a policeman? Perhaps this person has authority over you. And maybe in real life you yourself or someone from your environment is somehow connected with the police. When interpreting dreams, you need to consider all the nuances.

Dream Interview by Denise Lynn

What does the police dream about, what interpretations canto give us another dream book? The police are a sign of protection. It is possible that someone will come to you to help protect you. And dreams involving the police can mean a sense of guilt. You are worried that someone will know about your secrets. Do you really have anything to hide? Even if you did not violate the law, maybe you have offended someone and now feel guilty? In the end, gather and try to take responsibility for the actions you are doing. This will help to get rid of feelings of guilt.

Roma Dream Book

The dream in which you are arrestedpoliceman, gypsies explain this: in real life, you will do an act for which you will be forced to apologize to your friends. Why dream of running away from the police? Probably, you will or have made a mistake, because of which you will be ashamed. Talking to a law enforcement representative means that you need advice.

what is it that dreams of running away from the police

Trying to understand the meaning of a night dream,pondering over what the police dream about, not only pay attention to the images of your dreams, but also try to analyze your reaction to them, as well as the situation in real life. Each person belongs to the police in his own way, so the meaning of sleep with her participation for different people may differ.

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