Dream Interpretation: cut hair. Interpretation of a dream

Spiritual development

As the dream book says, sheared hair can bebad and good omen. The correct interpretation of this dream depends on its details. Every source about this dream has an opinion.

Dream Interpreted Hair
Снотолкователь birthday parties January - April

If in a dream a person shaves someone nakedit will be carried to the extreme, and the situation will be desperate. This dream can also mean that all progress on a case will be reduced to zero.

Confectioner's Day Snacker September - December

Shear herself to complete bankruptcy.

Снотолкователь the birthday-men of May-August

To have a shaved head-a summons from the military commissariat will soon come.

Idiomatic dream book: cut hair

If a person dreams that he is tonsured into monks, then in real life he will renounce the world. When the sleeper trims the hair in a dream, he will put himself in order in reality.

Wanderer's Dreambook

Haircut - to betrayal, loss, deceit,treason, sickness and sorrows. Cut the hair to another person in a dream - to wipe or use someone in real life. This dream portends a profit. If the sleeper shears a hairdresser, it's for misfortune and failure. For a woman, this dream can foreshadow a love meeting.

Dream interpretation of cutting hair
Gypsy Dream Book: shorn hair

If a man shaves a hairdresser - it's a bad sign. If a person dreamed that he had his hair cut, then one should listen to rumors.

Sonnik Tsvetkova

If a man has a haircut or shaved his head, he should be treacherous.

Snotcher from A to Z

When a dreamer's hair is cut, he must be wary of loss of energy and loss of vital energy. Go to the hairdresser - to change circumstances.

Universal dream book. Interpretation: cutting hair

To be cut at the hairdresser in a dream - to make anyacquisition through someone's help in reality. To itself to cut hair - to vexation and grief. This dream can also mean unhappiness and poverty, since poor people are sheared themselves. Someone to cut hair - great happiness and profit from other people.

Aesop's Dream

If a person's hair is cut off in a dream - in real life, unexpected expenses are expected.

Miller's dream to cut hair
Winters of Winter

Cut your hair with a pair of scissors - to a lost dispute or a rejection of an erroneous opinion. The shaved curls will be struck to the fact that in reality it's time to put all the points in personal relationships.

The newest dream book: shorn hair

Cutting curls is an omission or a serious mistake in a very important matter.

East dream book

When curls that are cut from the head of a sleeper are removed, he must be extremely careful to avoid deception and not become a victim of rascals.

Miller's dream: to cut hair

When a person dreams of a hairdresser, it isa good sign. Such a dream portends success if the sleeper is a pedant and is not afraid to defend his point of view and principles. For a young lady such a dream indicates that she will be luckier and happier than now, but this will not bring her satisfaction. If a woman dreams that the master has tonsured her and made a smart hairstyle, then in real life she will frivolously chase after trifles and as a result will be greatly disappointed.

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