What can not be done at Baptism, January 19, and why

Spiritual development

Baptism - the end of the New Year-Christmasfestivities, but not in this the importance of the holiday. Epiphany for the period of Christianity has become of great importance for people living or seeking to live a full spiritual life, and has become a sacred symbol of purification for the majority.

Not without the fact that a lot of people's admissions and beliefs were mixed up at the church holiday, which, by the way, have the property of coming true. Not without magic.

Theophany was a holiday with a fewA liberal bias that allows divination, the use of conspiracies and analysis will take. But here's what you can not do on Epiphany, January 19, so it's to swear and conceal anger. Actually, such actions are punishable on any day, but on Epiphany - especially.

To guess - only on Christmas Eve

Marriage, financial position, health andthe well-being of loved ones is a familiar set of questions, the solution of which remains relevant for centuries, and the answer is to be known in advance, and that it necessarily be positive.

what can not be done on January 19 baptism

You can learn your destiny, but not in the selfEpiphany, and on the eve of the evening, until 00:00 inclusive. Further - taboo. At midnight, a new, festive day starts, and who did not have time to find out his future, he was late. Guessing will have to be postponed for a whole year. In the old days, the girls did so, they were God-fearing and perfectly aware of what can not be done at Epiphany, on January 19.

Conspiracy conspiracy

To the category of fortune-telling, conspiracy can be attributed.Active actions on the part of man to correct his fate were also made before midnight. But some ceremonies (for money, for example) were allowed to be performed before dawn, in parallel with the recruitment of Epiphany water.

Analyzing fortune telling on Epiphany (January 19) - thatit is possible to do and that it is impossible - we come to the conclusion that it is possible to desire all the spiritual, magic and prayer forces for yourself and the environment of wealth, health, marriage (marriage) and this. You can not think badly - the boomerang effect on public holidays is more pronounced and acts faster.

List of Epiphany signs

Basic signs for Epiphany, January 19 (what can and can not be done) one hundred and fifty years ago they were a program of action, which was used by everyone from small to large.

Now they are not believed in so massively and perceive,rather, as entertainment, but more often notice that the forecasts, compiled on the basis of the furry snowfall, the clarity of the stars, the side of the wind, are not devoid of logic.

baptism that one can not do on a holy day

So, what are the signs of baptism on January 19? What can and can not be done?

It is strictly forbidden to enter into discussions of an aggressive plan, holding holy water - it can lose its power.

You can not also be greedy and gain too much of Epiphany water.

January 19 and after Baptism is not to be guessed.

Two days after the Epiphany not erased at home and two weeks - in the hole.

signs for baptism January 19, what can and should not be done

But dipping into the hole is welcome. Especially it is useful to those who ventured to pay off on the eve - the water will wash away this sin.

You can sprinkle the house with holy water.

The mistress before the Baptism is allowed to personally draw small crosses over the windows and the front door - this will save the house from troubles.

If at Baptism a bird will knock at the window - pray for the deceased relatives, it's their souls asking for the living help and charitable deeds.

Why can not feed the chickens?

One of the strange, at first glance,baptismal prohibitions - for feeding chickens on this day. It would seem that such cruelty to living beings is unacceptable. But the zealous villagers, who count not only each hen, but every sprout in the garden in the summer, treat the ban with all seriousness.

They have full chickens - number one on the list of "Whatyou can not do it on Epiphany, on January 19. "It's not known where this sign came from, but they say that if it is not in the Epiphany to feed the hens, in the summer they will not rake the beds and spoil the seedlings.

Physical labor is prohibited

On the day of the great Christian holiday all kinds of physical labor are prohibited. This is probably the most pleasant. What can not be done at Baptism, January 19? That's right, work! Time, freed from the day-to-day tedious work, can be enjoyed pleasantly and profitably - visit the service in the temple, go on a visit, have fun with friends.

fortune telling on January 19, what can and should not be done

Certainly, meetings with pleasant people at usmean "fifty and more". It is possible to warm up the soul with alcohol even in Baptism. What can not be done on a holy day, so it's too entrenched and "sorted out." Firstly, the sanctity of the holiday does not save you from a hangover and a headache. Secondly, to look like a well-known domestic animal is simply indecent. It is better to be hoped from a beautiful day, a bright holiday, revel in faith in a beautiful future, guessed on Christmas Eve, and enjoy life just like that.

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