Dream: what does a horse or horse dream about

Spiritual development

Why dream of a horse or a horse? This dream is very symbolic. After all, horses from ancient times were helpers, friends and companions of man. Each source treats this dream in its own way. For correct interpretation it is necessary to take into account all its details.

What does a horse or horse dream about?
Icelandic dream book

If a person sees a castrated horse in a dream, then someone will wake up to him in secret.

Sonny Hasse: what does a horse or horse dream about

A horse in a dream foreshadows sadness. If a person travels on it, then a risky business awaits him awake. Saddle - to luck and profit. If the dreamer sees running away horses, then in reality he needs to fear some misfortune. The reared horses symbolize someone's powerful protection. To own them is to well-being. To see how animals are shod to achieve a high position. A dead horse dreams of hard work for food. Thin - to a lot of obstacles in life. Saddled horse in a dream promises a man a good wife. See how the animal harnessed - in reality to lose loved one.

What horses dream about
Gypsy dream book: what horses, horses

The horses of gray or white suits in a dream portendsuccess and prosperity. The nests or blacks symbolize high status and power. Sitting on horseback - get a good reward for their labors. To shoe an animal - to a calm and full old age. A mare in a dream is a symbol of sexual satisfaction, and a stallion is a sexual power.

Wanderer's Dream Interpretation: why a horse dreams of a girl

Horses in a dream are a sign of strength, help, powerfulenergy and sexuality. For girls, this vision is a symbol of marriage and love impulses. Often it dreams of the appearance of a lover or a meeting with fate.

Why a horse is dreaming of a girl
Dream interpretation Grishina: what does a horse or horse dream about

If a person in a dream pursues a wild horse - tounfortunately. For girls this dream can mean an engagement. Keep horse skull in your hands - to illnesses and all sorts of misfortunes. The old animal - to serious damage. A beautiful horse of light colors dreams happily, a consolation in sorrow and calm old age. If the animal tries to bite or kick the sleeper - someone with his slander wants to harm him. This dream can also foreshadow the appearance of a guest with bad intentions. An exhausted horse can promise a happy occasion, as well as moving from urban to rural areas. The fallen animal foreshadows a ruin, standing on its hind legs - a quarrel. To hold a horse under the bridle is a danger. The pony tail dreams of quarrels and disputes.

Winter's dream interpretation: what does a horse or horse dream about

A horse of black color foreshadows riskyadventures. If an animal stumbles or breaks a leg - this is a warning against excessive, meaningless risk, which threatens with great trouble. White horse is a symbol of wealth, fame and nobility. A horse in apples portends to the sleeper a very interesting, varied and rich life. A red or red animal is a sign of strong expansive emotions. This dream says that the dreamer lives on the whim and most often acts according to the senses, and not with the mind. A silver horse in a dream says that a dreamer has a dreamy nature and a great imagination. Riding on it is a very good omen. A person has every chance to achieve the most fantastic goals. Tired or driven animal, as well as a working horse-heavy-horse in a dream, says that someone is shamelessly using the nobility of a dreamer. This dream can also mean that a person has driven himself, fulfilling someone's requests and commands.

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