Jade bracelet biansha: properties, description and reviews

Spiritual development

In the fight against disease people are looking for any wayshealing, using traditional and non-traditional medicine for treatment. Often this helps amulets, bracelets, charms and other items from magic stones that have medicinal properties.

Jade bracelet biansha: what is this?

Bracelet made of processed stones of raremineral black jade, called Chinese or bianshi. How is this explained, because it is mined not only in China, but also in Russia, the United States, Brazil and other countries?

According to one of the legends of several million years agoa meteorite fell on the territory of a Chinese province. Under the influence of high temperature, the rocks merged with the fragments of the celestial body. After the researches carried out on this place, it was found out that the extracted stones possess unique medical properties. From them began to make amulets, bracelets and other ornaments that, when in contact with the body, contributed to the restoration of mental and physical health.

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According to the Chinese, black jade, possessinghealing properties, is extracted only in one province of Shandong. All other deposits located in different countries are not recognized by Tibetan non-traditional medicine.

Magical power of black jade

The word "jade" is of Greek origin andis translated as "kidney". Therefore, there are other names of the mineral: kidney stone, Chinese stone. Nephrite, extracted from the depths of the earth, can be not only black, but also white, green, yellow, and the rarest stones are blue and red. All of them have medicinal properties to some extent. But it is proved that only black jade has an unexplained magical power.

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In ancient China, no rite was not withouthealing stone. They explained this by the fact that nephrite represents at once four elements: Eternity, Wisdom, Earth and Sky. The stone was a symbol of humanity and kindness, contributed to the enlightenment of the mind. From it were prepared amulets and decorations, such as black jade bracelet biansha. Many types of jewelry have survived to this day.

Amulets, amulets, jade talismans

Nephrite, regardless of color -stone-talisman signs of the zodiac Libra and Virgo. Their representatives need to wear jewelry from this mineral. And the virgin jade bracelet on his right hand will bring family happiness, and Libra - longevity.

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The stone does have magical powers. It is known that nephrite not only restores health, but also protects from the evil eye. For this, the stone is set in silver and worn so that the amulet touches the body. Nephrite also protects soldiers from injuries, promotes the career ladder, attracts luck and strengthens vitality.

Unique properties of the jade bracelet biansha

Scientists have found out that black nephrite hasthe body has a curative effect due to its unique composition, as well as infrared and ultrasound radiation. It contains a large number of chemical elements, in such quantity they are not present in any other mineral. Key elements in the stone: strontium, titanium, zinc, chromium, manganese, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and others.

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Jade bracelet biansha in contact withhuman body produces infrared radiation. As a result, cells are filled with vital energy, enzyme activity increases, all processes in the body begin to occur faster.

Jade bracelet, whose properties are appliedin the treatment of many diseases, has proved effective in ultrasound therapy. When the stone touches the skin, it generates ultrasound, which in turn activates the metabolic processes, increases blood circulation, burns fat deposits.

Treatment of diseases with a jade bracelet

Black jade bracelet helps in the treatmentspecific diseases. It is recommended to wear it on the right hand daily, and also apply to the places where the pain comes from. Jade bracelet biansha has the following medicinal properties:

  • it is effective for failures in the work of the heart and problems with blood vessels;
  • helps with impaired motor function and other diseases of the central nervous system;
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • relieves headaches, migraines;
  • it is effective in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • eliminates the problems of the respiratory system;
  • increases immunity;
  • it is recommended to be worn for chronic diseases of different organs;
  • improves the condition of the skin, hair, nails;
  • he cures insomnia;
  • rejuvenates the body, prevents its premature aging;
  • reduces the intensity of pain in fractures and sprains;
  • increases life expectancy.

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With constant use, the bracelet has a positive effect on all organs and systems at the same time. This is its uniqueness over other minerals.

Customer Reviews bracelet

How much improved the health of people,who experienced the healing properties of the stone? Most of them agree that the jade bracelet possesses a magical power. The properties of this stone are known to many. This fact is confirmed by their positive feedback.

People who for a long timeexperience attacks of suffocating cough with chronic bronchitis, a jade bracelet helps to remove their intensity and frequency. Nephrite copes with stomach diseases. This stone helps and people who work in harmful production. Many people say that black jade copes with the time with chronic diseases of the respiratory system and the digestive system. It is necessary to believe in the strength of the mineral and to wear products from it.

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Unfortunately, this stone is very easy to give outfor a fake than scammers who sell a jade bracelet, the price of which is attractive low. It is important to remember that an accessory from this mineral can not cost less than three thousand rubles.

Jade bracelet: reviews of doctors

How do representatives of traditional medicine speak about bracelet from jade? Their opinions were divided.

One group of doctors positively characterizesjade bracelet. Their testimonies testify, that бяньши helps even in those cases when the medicine appears powerless. As a rule, they talk about chronic diseases: ulcers, gastritis, bronchitis and others.

Another group of doctors refers to the bracelet extremelynegatively. Experts complain that people, hoping for the miraculous properties of jade, stop taking medication even when they are extremely necessary.

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