What does the name Angela matter?

Spiritual development

the origin of the name Angela

Each name carries a set of characteristics,which inevitably affect the behavior of a person all his life. Among them there are both positive and negative features. Therefore, before giving a child a name, parents should learn all of its meanings. Angela's name is associated with the word "angel", but is such a character her owner will have? Where did it come from and what does it mean? We learn about this from the article.

Origin of the name Angela

Angelica, as well as a shortened from him andAngela are the names that came to us from the Latin language. In translation from it mean "angelic", "messenger". The possessor is endowed with purposefulness, diligence and ability to achieve all goals independently. And career growth, and the best work, and everything that surrounds her, are Angela's achievements. Although she is very fond of money, this quality does not develop greed in her. She is a sympathetic person, in whose life friends, relatives, their well-being and desire to help have important meanings.

which means Angela's name

Angela's name provokes positive emotions,calmness. In her early childhood she is very modest, terse, and therefore there is no problem with this girl. For the mother, she is a wonderful assistant, who does everything necessary for the household. Children with this name are often born last in the family. There are those who need a lot of attention, and if they already have a brother or sister, maybe the emergence of jealousy. There are very scandalous individuals who for this reason often create conflicts.

What does the name Angela for work and husband

Getting older, Angela understands that addictionto conflicts brings harm to its affairs, therefore begins to struggle with its excessive self-love (if it is present). Her dedication allows you to become Lika charming. She is interested in the level of her intellect and professional activity, for which she is ready to do anything.

the name of Angela

In her personal life, the owner of the name is not deprivedmale attention, because full of mystery. Being in a team in which other ladies admire a certain person of the opposite sex, Angelica can ignore him. However, if you meet your soul mate, who will surround her with love, care and devotion, her mystery gradually dissolves, and her qualities open to her husband are sincerity, trust, certain emotions. If he feels a cold or indifference towards his lover, he will reject it. It is possible and a situation where Angelica - the initiator of the disorder in the family. For example, after an unsuccessful work day, all the accumulated negative emotions are splashed out onto the most precious person.

Compatibility and astrological values

The name Angela is guarded by the planet Venus. Its color is blue and purple. The stones-talismans are turquoise and lapis lazuli. Speaking of a totemic plant, it is an alpine rose and aspen. An animal-keeper is an electric eel and a ramp. Favorable days are Wednesday and Saturday. Here are the mystical meanings of Lika!

The name Angela says that her owner will be fine with Victor, Vladimir, Valentin and Alexei. Less for marriage fit Dmitry, Igor, Vladislav and Anatoly.

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