Gordey (name): meaning and origin

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Recently, parents are trying to give theirchild unusual and ancient name. And today the name of Gordei becomes more popular. Its meaning for the child and the impact on fate can be found in our article. Here you can read about how the short name Gordei and in which days his name-days are celebrated.

Gordei (name): meaning, origin

There are two versions of the origin of the name:

  1. It came from the ancient Greek language, comes from the name of Gordius and in translation means "lord," "lord," "king."
  2. From the Greek language the name is translated as "formidable", "fast". It comes from the ancient name of Gorgias.

proud name value origin

At the time of Hellas this name sounded like Gordias andwas associated with Greek myths. That's the name of a simple farmer who, at the behest of the oracle of the temple of Zeus, became ruler of Phrygia. The capital of the kingdom was the city, named after him, and in the fortress, protecting it from enemies, Gordias installed a wagon, through which he became king. The yoke of the wagon was tied up with a complex knot, which later became known as the "Gordian Knot". It was believed that the person who unravels him, and will become the ruler of all Asia. After a while, the capital of Phrygia was really conquered. In 334 BC "Gordian Knot" was cut with the sword of Alexander the Great.

It is from the farmer who became the ruler, andthe name of Gordei has taken place. The meaning is abbreviated therefore and sounds like "ruler" or "king". The origin of the name has a direct impact on the fate of Gordey.

The meaning of the name for the child

Calm, balanced and a little shyGordei grows up as a child. Thanks to these qualities, as well as assiduity and diligence, he is easily given study. He is prone to accuracy, punctuality and the ability to focus on an object that all teachers appreciate. Despite the calm nature, the boy has many friends.

proud name value

The meaning of the name Gordey defines it asan imperious man, regal and formidable. The strong-willed qualities of the boy are developed very well, but they are manifested later, in adolescence. The strong character of the child is particularly evident in sports. Thanks to diligence and the will to win, he can achieve high results in this field.

Sports will also be useful for Gordey's poor health. Due to the correct physical loads, it will be possible to strengthen the joints, from the pain in which he can suffer.

Character traits of an adult Gordei

Serious and calm person, making clearlyweighed and considered actions, - so it is possible to characterize the adult Gordey. He is neat, has good manners, an excellent companion and friend. Gordey can be called the soul of any company, and all thanks to his excellent sense of humor. He has a lot of friends and comrades. Diligence, balance, judgment, kindness, modesty, good breeding - this is only part of the positive qualities that Gordey possesses.

name of the proud name value for the child

The name whose value is translated as"ruler" and "king", plays an important role in shaping the character of this man. Due to the rare name since childhood, Gordey considers himself to be the only one of his kind, because of what often grows selfish. This character trait is especially clear in relations with the opposite sex.

Love and marriage

Few woman can stand before the charm andcharisma of Horde. And he knows about it. Gordei is very lighthearted about women, considering the relationship with them no more than just another fad. He was accustomed to easily achieve their location, so he is not capable of appreciating his chosen one. But this does not mean that Gordey never marries.

proud name value in abbreviated form

In marriage, he comes more as necessary, and notfor love. His family life is not very good, mainly because of Gordey's frivolous attitude towards her. He is not used to fighting for a woman and is not serious about his promises. The meaning of the name Gordei defines him as a strong and serious man. In fact, his seriousness and responsibility end exactly where marriage begins. Only Agata, Zemfira and Vasilina can become happy with this energetic person.

Choice of profession

The name leaves a mark on the choice of profession, andon further career growth of a person. Gordei is no exception. The meaning of the name for the child is associated with the ancient Greek words "formidable", "master" "lord". This means that Gordey can become a good leader or businessman, but only at a more mature age.

proud name value for the boy

This person can succeed in the professions,connected with technology and exact sciences. Work prefers to perform independently, without shifting it to others. He is working hard under somebody's head, the poet Gordei aspires to go to "free swimming" as quickly as possible. Thanks to a strong will, this person will always dominate the people around him. He has a huge work capacity, because of what often leads himself to exhaustion and nervous breakdowns.

Abbreviated forms of the name Gordey

In a shortened version, the name Gordey sounds likeGordik, Gordy and Gordeyka. Gordeychik, Gordeyushka, Gordeechka, Gordenka, Gordyusha are diminutive caresses suitable for a child who bears the name Gordei. Less commonly used are options such as Gordyunya and Gordyukha. Children will accordingly bear the patronymic Gordeevich or Gordeevna.

The meaning of the name for the child rendersdirect influence on the formation of his character. Despite the soft sound in shortened and diminutive caresses, the boy still grows strong, serious and confident in his own person.

Gordey's name: the meaning of a name for a child, name-day

Day of the angel Gordey celebrates 2 times a year: January 16 and June 18. These days the Orthodox Church honors the saints with this name. By the way, the church form of the name sounds like Gordius.

name of the proud name value for the baby's name day

January 16 - the day of memory of the martyr GordiaCappadocian, who lived in Caesarea in the III century. At a young age he entered the military service and for special merits was appointed a centurion. However, as soon as persecution against Christians began, Gordius retired to the desert, preparing himself for the confession of the name of Christ. Later, he addressed the rulers of the city in defense of Christians, for which he was tortured and martyred.

In June, on the 18th, Gorgiya's memory day is celebratedEgyptian. Together with other martyrs, he accepted death during the persecution of Christians by the Emperor Maximian. For their faith, Christians died in prison from hunger and thirst.

Thanks to the holy patrons under special protectionthere will be a man named Gordey. The meaning of the name for the boy plays a big role in his becoming. He will necessarily grow up to be a strong and confident person, a true master and master.

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