Interpreter: why does the deceased live?

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Why does the deceased live? This dream is very interesting. Many sources believe that such a dream means a change of weather. However, much for correct interpretation depends on the details of the dream. For example, a very different meaning will have a dream in which the dead call for themselves.

Why does the deceased live
Dream of Veles

If a person sees how grandmother and grandfather are alivetheir own home is a dream-warning. Some of the relatives of the dreamer have serious health problems in their line. Long-dead relatives - to important events in the family.

The snot-maker from "A" to "I": what does the deceased live

A dream in which a person sees the deceased moreliving relatives, foreshadows their longevity and good health. When a dead person comes to life in a dream, this means that something long lost to them will return to the dreamer. And he did not count on the return of this. When a girl who is dead dreams her lover - to a sad separation from him. The dream in which the sleeper is surrounded by the revived dead, who have turned into ghouls and want to drink his blood, is a harbinger of a lot of trouble in personal relationships and a decline in social status.

Dream interpretation of Zhou-Gunn: what does the dead man dream about

If the deceased person comes to life, it is to the news, the letter. To see the dead son - to a joyful event with some kind of addition. To see the venerable ancestors, who have already died, foreshadow great happiness.

To see the dead in a dream
Aesop's Dream

When the sleeper sees in the dream of a man who has already died, alive - to the change of weather.

Russian dream book: to see the deceased in a dream alive

This dream speaks of feelings of guiltfrom the sleeper to this person. If, on the contrary, the living one dreams of the deceased, then the dreamer may have a hidden desire for the death of this person. Sleep can also talk about fear of loss.

Wanderer's Dreambook

When a person sees people who are alive in a dream,in fact, have already died, then in reality it can foreshadow rest, rest or weather change. A bad omen is a dream in which the dead call and lead away. It dreams of death (near or near), misfortunes and illnesses. The same meaning has a dream in which a person takes something from living dead or gives it to them.

Interpretation of dreams the dead man alive
Winters of Winter. Interpretation of dreams: the dead living person

When a person in a dream sees the death of still livingfriends or relatives, in real life, the relationship with them can be spoiled for some reason, and feelings may fade or weaken. If the dreamer is seen alive, people who are already dead, and he talks to them, awaiting him await some changes in his personal life. A bad dream is that in which the living dead call the dreamer with them. It warns of a terrible, deadly danger. If a person is already dreaming of living dead relatives who behave calmly and serenely, in reality he needs to trust fate and not worry about trifles. A dream in which the dreamer talks to people who have died recently are warnings about real threats and dangers.

A dream interpretation of the 21st century: why does the deceased live

When dead people are dreaming alive - to weakness or big trouble. If on the contrary, a living person in a dream is seen as dead, then he will live for a long time and get rid of his sorrows.

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