What are the seven deadly sins

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The Bible is really a wise book thatcan give advice in any life situation. Heroes and villains, vices and virtues - all this is mentioned on its pages. It is worth noting that the Bible does not just give instructions on what to do and what not to do - it tries to always explain everything and to convey the meaning to people in the most graphic way. In addition to the Bible, it is customary to refer to the Holy Christian texts the works of famous figures in this field, since it is believed that they wrote on behalf of the Lord.

Sins in Christianity are painted in great detail. They are different from each other very much: the degree of heaviness, the possibility of redemption and the rest. Talking about what kind of sins are, special attention should be paid to the seven deadly sins. Many have heard of them, though not all of them know which sins are on this list and how they differ from all the others.

What are the seven deadly sins

They are not called mortal by chance, since inChristianity, there is an opinion that it is these sins that can lead a soul to death. It should be noted immediately that, contrary to popular belief, seven deadly sins in the Bible are not described, and their concept appeared much later than the Scripture. It is believed that the basis for them were the works of a monk named Eugar Pontius, who compiled a list of eight human vices. Toward the end of the sixth century, Pope Gregory I the Great reduced this list, and only seven mortal sins remained in it.

Do not think that the sins that will be describedbelow, are the most terrible in Christianity. The fact is, they are not the ones that can not be redeemed, but simply can lead to the fact that a person becomes in itself much worse. One can live a life without violating any of the ten commandments, but one can not live so as to avoid seven deadly sins (or at least some). Seven deadly sins are what nature has planted in us. Perhaps under certain circumstances this helped the person survive, but it is still believed that these "sins" can not lead to anything good.

Seven Deadly Sins

  1. Greed. People very often try to get material values, without even thinking about why they need them at all. All life turns into a constant accumulation of property, jewelry, money. Greedy people always want to get more than they have. They do not know the measures, and they do not want to know.
  2. Laziness. A person who is tired of constant failures, can simply stop striving for anything. It eventually begins to arrange a life in which nothing happens, there is no hassle and bustle. Laziness attacks quickly and mercilessly, yielding to it only once, you can forever lose yourself and your personality.
  3. Pride. Many people do something not because it really is necessary, but only because it will help them to rise above others. Universal admiration fires a fire in them, which burns all the best feelings that are stored in the soul. In time, such a person begins to think only of himself.
  4. Lust. The instinct of reproduction is laid in each of us, but there are people who can not satiate with sex. Sex for them is a way of life, and in their thoughts only lust. Everyone is dependent on him to some extent, but his abuse to the good has not led anyone.
  5. Envy. She very often becomes a cause of quarrels or even crimes. Not everyone is able to properly perceive that his friends and relatives live better than himself. History knows many instances when envy made people even commit murder.
  6. Gluttony. Is it nice to look at a person who knows nothing better than a tasty meal? Food is needed in order to live and do something good and meaningful in this life. However, gluttonists believe that this life is needed in order to be able to eat.
  7. Anger. You need to be able to restrain your emotions. Of course, hacking off the shoulder is easy, but the consequences can be irreversible.

In this or that life stage, almost allpeople commit at least some of the listed sins. And it is very important to stop in time, take a critical look at your life, so as not to waste it in vain and try to become purer and better.

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